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This guide will offer a detailed overview of apeirophobia roblox wiki. You can fail at any level since, as we all know, there are countless hurdles. Up until the very end of this post, we’ve provided advice on how to solve every puzzle and advance through every level. Therefore, ensure you read the entire text to discover the necessary answers to move quickly through each level.


Polaroid Studios created the online horror game Apeirophobia. The game’s story is around a man who clips into the Back alleys, a realm with limitless rooms and horrors lurking around every corner, and ends up trapped outside the confines of reality.

The scary story The Backrooms, about infinite rooms and creatures described on a website, inspired this game. The online drama “The Backrooms” by Kane Pixels on YouTube also inspired the game.

You can discover levels by exploring different locations, and as you travel, you’ll start to encounter elements and dangers as well as puzzles. Since the game remains in pre-alpha, anything can transform at any time.


You may discover several levels, some of which may be friendly and others that may be deadly. What Comes Next? More stages were being added to the game in an update.

  • 0th level – lobby
  • The Poolrooms on Level 1
  • The Windows on Level 2
  • Level 3 will have an Abandoned Office
  • Sewers at Level 4
  • System of Caves at Level 5
  • Level 6 is named !!!!!!!!!!
  • Level 7 is “The End”
  • Lights Out at Level 8
  • Level 9  is called Sublimity
  • The Abyss at Level 10
  • A warehouse is at Level 11
  • 12th level is Creative Minds
  • The 13th level is The Fun rooms
  • Electrical Station is on Level 14
  • The Ocean of the Final Frontier is Level 15
  • Level 16 is named Crumbling Memory
  • Level 17 does not have any name yet


When recording a video with your friends, you, a decent person who was also a movie director, discover that you need a broader viewpoint. So you turn around and walk backward to obtain a more comprehensive view, but as you do so, you unintentionally no-clip into Level 0 and begin your dangerous adventure.

Focused on documentation and investigation and stuck in a never-ending room with constant surveillance, you will find yourself trapped in endless rooms in-game. Prepare yourself for puzzles to solve and things to avoid and Escape from the real world.

Tip for beating different levels

Level 4 is depressing because there is only one exit; you will sink to death in the endless network of tunnels if you don’t reach it.

So, pursue the blue pipes; they will aid you 70% of the way if you wish to beat level 4.

Below are some tips for level 5 (also known as the cave level).

  • Always be mindful that anything making the noise “titititititititititi” is a skin-stealer, and you shouldn’t attempt to locate it.
  • The doorway is where you ought to try to locate the object creating the sound “WOAWOAWOAWOA.”
  • Being mindful and paying attention is necessary since observing at this level is essential since you can’t even see anything.
  • If there is a situation where using the flashlight leaves you unable to see anything around you. Then, direct the flashlight toward the ground to enable you to see a little well enough.

Some tips for multiplayer are:

  • To recognize a skin-snatcher when you hear the “tititititititi” sound, you should remain in your group.
  • Additionally, arrange the group in a line rather than a circle because doing so will only make it much simpler for skin snatchers to enter the group.


Finally, we can conclude that participants must abide by the essential guidelines and review the elements that make up Wiki Apeirophobia Roblox. All of the internet-based solutions are listed here.

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