Who Is Aj Armstrong How Aj Armstrong Today?

Aj Armstrong: Who are you? Antonio Donnell Armstrong, an American football linebacker, was a professional in the National Football League.

He later signed to the Miami Dolphins squad where he was placed on the active roster. Many people are curious to find out who Aj Armstrong is. This article will explain who Aj Armstrong is. What happened to Aj Armstrong? Aj Armstrong was Killed. The next section will discuss this.

Aj Armstrong, Who Are You?

Antonio Donnell Armstrong’s son, Aj Armstrong, was born in Houston, Texas on October 15, 1973. He died in Houston on July 29, 2016. He was 42 years when he died. Armstrong was drafted by San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round 1995 NFL Draft. However, he fractured his ankle. Armstrong was later signed to the Miami Dolphins team, then placed on the active roster and signed by St. Louis Rams.

What happened to Aj Armstrong?

Armstrong Jr. was just 16 when Armstrong Jr. was accused of shooting and killing his parents. Antonio Armstrong Sr., and Dawn Armstrong were both killed in their Bellaire home while they were sleeping. Armstrong Jr.’s initial trial in 2019 ended in a mistrial and they could not agree on a verdict.

The reverse was true. Eight jurors believed Armstrong Jr. guilty at his first trial. The defense lawyers stated that eight jurors agreed with Armstrong Jr. and that four of them believed he guilty. The second trial was held. KHOU 11 spoke to a juror. They claimed that the defense created doubts which led to a hung juror.

The juror stated that “it just got to the point where it was so bad that I couldn’t talk anymore.” “Everyone was pretty much in agreement, but it was frustrating to hear everyone saying, “We know he is innocent, but we still doubt his innocence.”

Who Killed AJ Armstrong

AJ Armstrong wasn’t killed. Armstrong Jr. is the son Antonio Donnell Armstrong. In 2016, Armstrong Jr., who was 16 at the time, accused prosecutors stated that Armstrong Jr. shot and killed Dawn Armstrong and Antonio Armstrong Sr. Prosecutors argued AJ Armstrong was a drug addict and had strained relationships with his parents because of his poor grades. The jury failed to reach a verdict due to the fact that they witnessed Armstrong lie to them. A mistrial was declared.

Was Aj Armstrong Found Guilty?

Armstrong called police at 1:40 AM to report hearing gunshots and seeing a man in mask inside his home on the night of their deaths.

The outlet reported that they found no evidence of forced entry when police arrived. They did find a.22 caliber pistol and a strange note on a kitchen counter. The contents of the note have not been released by authorities. Armstrong has pled not guilty to all charges.

Later, he was allowed to attend his parents’ funeral in handcuffs. One person said that he thought someone had lost their mind and tried to charge my grandson with killing his mother and father. Keith Whitely, AJ Armstrong’s grandfather, was told that “20/20”

Aj. Armstrong Wikipedia

Antonio Armstrong’s son, Aj Armstrong, is an ex-NFL player and owner of several personal gyms. His wife Dawn and Kayra lived in their house in southeast Houston. On July 29, 2016, AJ Armstrong (16 years old) called the police to report hearing gunshots coming from his upstairs bedroom. When first responders arrived, they found the couple lying in bed with their heads shot. Dawn Armstrong was declared dead and her husband succumbed to his injuries in hospital. AJ Armstrong was immediately taken to police for questioning. He claimed that he saw a masked man in the house.

Aj. Armstrong Update and Aj. Armstrong Today

The son of a former NFL star is speaking out for the first-time about being accused in 2016 of killing his parents. Two-hour episode of 20/20 on ABC features exclusive interviews featuring Antonio “AJ” Armstrong Jr., who is now 23 years old. Armstrong faces his third capital murder trial for the tragic deaths of his parents. He is a former NFL linebacker Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong. Antonio was 42 when he went to his first two trials.

Armstrong has pled not guilty to all charges. According to Rick Detoto, his defense attorney Rick Detoto, Armstrong was charged with capital crime in connection to the killings. He did not plead guilty to any of the charges and maintained that he had committed these murders. His retrial is scheduled for February 2023.

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