Wagner Group Sledgehammer Video: Check Here!

This post will cover all details regarding the Wagner Group Sledgehammer Video viral video.

The Wagner group’s sledgehammer video has been widely publicized. The video shocked people in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. This video shows the execution of a Russian soldier. We will be covering all details regarding the Wagner Group Sledgehammer video. If you are interested in more information about the viral video, please read this post.

What’s the viral Wagner group video?

A very graphic video showing a Russian mercenary executed with a sledgehammer was posted online Monday 13 February 2023. The video went viral and has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube since its release. The video was gruesome and cruel, which is why it became so popular. The group that executed the Russian mercenary made the attack to have fun, according to research. The viral Reddit video was not intended to be serious.

Who was the Wagner Group’s video star?

The video was called “Video from the Court for Treason.” Some reports on the internet claim that the person in the video is Dmitry Yakushchenko. Dmitry was a Russian soldier who fled while he was in combat. Dmitry was seen in camouflage at the beginning of the video. Behind it was another unidentified individual wearing camouflage. The person behind Dmitry attacked Dmitry with the sledgehammer. Dmitry fell to the ground and the video ended blurry. Dmitry explains in the video that he was chosen from a city. The video was also seen on Tiktok.

Who uploaded the video online

Grey Zone uploaded the video to social media. This account is linked to the Warger Group telegram account. Wagner Group is a Russian paramilitary organisation. The Warner Group is one of Russia’s most brutal forces. This video was also popular on Instagram. Warner group posted a reply on social media saying that the video was just for fun after it was uploaded. The upload of the video was done with no malicious intent. The Wagner group claimed that Wagner Sledgehammer Execution had been faked and that he had forgiven Dmitry Yakushchecko. Dmitry Yakushchecko was also mentioned as a man of integrity and a valuable source of information.


We have summarized all information about the viral sledgehammer clip. To learn more about this viral Wagner group video, please visit this link.

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