The Best App To Invest In US Stocks From India

Topic: “The best app to invest in US stocks from India”

Although it is possible to set up a US trading account from India without using specific apps, most individuals find it too time-consuming and not as simple.

Furthermore, there is no advantage to doing so. You can open a US stock investment account with the platforms and apps I’ve listed in this article in about 5 minutes. Since everything is digital, you don’t need to worry about paperwork.

The top 3 applications for buying US equities from India are shown below.

Let’s get going!


The perfect place for Indians to begin trading in the US stock market is likely Vested.

It was the first program that made buying US stocks by Indians incredibly simple. Other Fintech businesses adopted Vested’s strategy.

2018 saw the launch of Vested by Viram Shah.

It is available as both a web application and a mobile application. Since you can read graphs and compare the two stocks in a significantly better, more comprehensive view using the online app, it performs marginally better than the smartphone app.

Critical characteristics of Vested include:

  • Investing with no commission and no brokerage fees
  • purchase of US stocks in small amounts
  • With no minimum balance
  • up-to-date data feed
  • The finest portfolio dashboard
  • fast experience establishing a new account
  • Tax documents are a feature that other apps lack entirely.
  • Curated portfolio depending on investor risk profile.

Compared to its financial rivals, Vested is also far more open.

We really appreciate the investing tools Vested provides. One, in particular, is referred to as a “Vest.”

Vests are a collection of carefully curated portfolios that, depending on your risk tolerance, let you invest in hand-selected businesses from various industries. These ETFs are goal-based. This indicates that you can choose aggressive ETFs in the SaaS sector if you want enormous profits for short-term objectives.

Related to that, you may buy a Moat Vest. Big businesses with a Moat that keeps out the competition make up this Vest portfolio. 

Consequently, you can anticipate consistent profits throughout time.

Most Indian banks offer Worldwide Money Transfer services that allow you to add USD to your Vested account.


INDmoney is an excellent option if you seek the easiest way to purchase US equities.

Download the INDmoney app, and in only 3 clicks, you may create an account to invest in US stocks. It occurs immediately, and you are prepared to make a deposit.

In reality, INDmoney is an asset management and tracking tool. It gives you access to a comprehensive picture of all of your interests, including equities, collective investment schemes, real estate, PPF, and more.

They also provide a fantastic US stock investment account. A new interface that looks and feels lovely was recently added. You can explore the top US stocks, significant gains and losers, filter businesses based on their sectors, and more.

We suggest INDmoney for several reasons, including:

  • Fastest time establishing a new account. It only takes a few seconds to start buying US stocks using INDmoney.
  • no fees for creating or maintaining an account
  • Clean Interface, excellent performance
  • With no commissions

If you choose one of the INDMoney premium features, you will receive stock advice from US companies. Some benefits that INDmoney offers its premium customers include tax counseling, financial data about a firm, and sector-specific advice.

By collaborating with SBM bank, INDmoney has unveiled a new feature that enables its users to create a digital savings account called IND Super. What’s even more intriguing is that you can move money between your US stock account without incurring fees. Additionally, they assert that they provide the most accurate INR to the USD exchange rate, which We believe to be true.

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