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Topic: “SD Gundam Battle Alliance Review”

What could be cooler than a battle between two enormous mechs equipped with swords and guns? In fact, the same mechs just became smaller and cuter. Thanks for visiting SD Gundam Battle Alliance!

Bandai Namco’s SD Gundam Battle Alliance accomplishes what a top-notch anime or book title ought to. It throws a fanservice-filled tale on you that is engaging enough to have you flying into the early hours of the day.

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SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a fusion of several Gundam anime, similar to numerous other mecha and Gundam titles previously created. With each battle you go through, you’ll experience important events in the tale set in the G Universe, a digital amalgam of different instances in Gundam history. Strange events are taking place, though, and Gundams from other episodes and eras are interfering with history.

You, the player, enter the picture in this. You find yourself suddenly thrust into the G Universe while on an operation where you are surrounded by opponents and given the responsibility of repairing these cracks in history. You can employ the Fragment Keys you collect as you complete these Break Missions to alter that period and return events to their proper course. However, there might be more to G Universe than first appears.


In the role-playing action game SD Gundam Battle Alliance, you can select from various mobile suits and play as one of them as you complete missions aimed at reversing timeline battles when history has been altered. Your Gundam can be upgraded, have its stats increased, and have various components equipped to offer it new skills that could give you the upper hand in combat. Additionally, you can play co-op, multiplayer, or single-player.


Real-time combat occurs as you and your two partner characters move across secluded levels in your mobile armor. The computer or other players, via multiplayer, can command these companion avatars. On a specific group, opponents you must fight will appear as you soar around the map. When you beat these adversaries, you will receive Hit points to restore your unit and Money to power up your personal mobile suit. Additionally, you’ll come upon drawings needed to uncover new portable cases and pieces that can be added to your squad to increase attributes.


SD Gundam Battle Alliance employs 2D art for the dialogues but 3D models for the landscapes and Gundam models. Some fight scenes can feel like a pixelated jumble because of the Switch’s limitations and the numerous incomplete effects. The game works well and looks decent overall. While stages merge, the surroundings appear sufficiently refined if you’re in a mountainous area or a burned-out city. Each Gundam stands out in its unique way due to the level of attention put into each one.


The SD Gundam Battle Alliance is difficult to evaluate thoroughly. You will feel perfectly at ease if you enjoy the never-ending grind that some RPG genres still provide. To make them more competitive, you must grind a significant amount of Capital to acquire a lot of Gundam. This is a challenging reward for action RPG teams playing, with plenty of challenging boss fights. Additionally, maybe the experience will be less unpleasant if you play multiplayer.

Nevertheless, playing SD Gundam Battle Alliance solo (or with a non-fan putting their hands in the Gundam ) makes for a mediocre experience. The same pattern is used in each mission: defeat foes, get equipment, and defeat monsters before beginning the True Mission. The fighting element, which accomplishes its purpose well, isn’t helped by the camera flashes and the lock-on feature’s fussy quality. Hits feel strong, and finishing an enemy with a lengthy combo is really rewarding. But playing can be boring when you have to wait through narrative spills you won’t remember after moving on to the next objective, fiddle with combat settings, and grind up sufficient Capital to employ late-game Gundams.

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