Roblox New Logo 2022

Topic: “Roblox New Logo 2022”

One of the most extensive gaming networks in the world, Roblox welcomes many new users every day. Numerous well-known content producers in the audience broadcast the latest games and platform news.

Because of this, any modifications that Roblox Corporation introduces to its platform receive harsh criticism from the public. Over the years, the designers have heard harsh criticism from their player community, leading them to change everything from the recognizable “oof” voice to the tagline.

Fans went wild when it was exposed that Roblox Corporation would be altering its logo shortly since they did not like how the new logo looked. Here is all the information you need to know about the new Roblox logo.

Roblox: New Logo Details

The game’s logo was modified over a week. To better represent its mission, Roblox altered its logo. The new logo’s distinctive slant represents movement, development, and advancement. The new logo represents the development of the company.

The business has changed the typefaces in its logo. They are more lightweight and exhibit a contemporary appearance. The slant of the logo is still recognizable. The next “o” in the logo is restored as a symbol that emphasizes the company’s slant more.

Fans noticed that the creators had altered the logo based on previous leaks and posted screenshots of the Roblox app on various platforms. This is one of the times they have significantly updated the logo.

The letters in the word “Roblox” have traditionally been shaped like cubes, and the logo has always utilized chunkier typography. Additionally, the cubes’ center hole used to be minor, giving them a boxy appearance.

Roblox’s logo has changed from the beginning, and to reflect the game’s progress, they changed their logo from time to time. The logo and other elements of the game have now undergone revisions. The players are criticizing this.

To eliminate the game’s trademark sound, they also altered the logo.   Users can’t immediately notice the modifications, despite the fact that they are modest. Fans, though, are not happy with them.

Roblox Tagline Change

Even though comparable in inflection to the company’s previous catchphrase, the new campaign slogan, “Reimagining the way people come together,” deviates from “Powering Imagination,” which Baszucki posted on Twitter in 2015. This is possibly the most exciting component of the new logo.

A virtual world that serves as a virtual community play area where users can congregate to discuss, rejoice, and communicate has replaced the company’s original perspective of serving as an innovative gaming platform over the years. In 2015, the term “metaverse” wasn’t yet widely used, so it’s not surprising that the business chose to update its brand to emphasize the expanding idea. 

Roblox has opted to emphasize the collaborative part of the company image, in contrast to Metaverse rival Meta, who switched its name from Facebook to represent its virtual world goals and to revamp people’s attitudes toward its services.

The company’s use of the word “people” rather than “children” or “kids” gives some insight into what Roblox has in store for the future. Roblox is no more simply for youngsters and teenagers, as the firm targets older viewers with performances and metaverse events that involve high-end designer companies.


In summary, the allegedly new logo has caused a great deal of user dissatisfaction, and if this trend continues, the platform’s player pool may dwindle. In several cryptic comments and gameplay videos, the community has taken action to bring back the old Roblox after aggressively sharing their ideas. The decision to keep the cubes active is now up to the creators.

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