Rina Palenkova Photo Head: Rina recorded her death video?

This article provides an overview of the Blue Whale game challenge that killed a lot of people and discusses the Rina Palenkova photo head incident that led to Rina’s death.

Did you hear about the Blue Whale Game incident? Internet users have been discussing the 2015 incident with Rina Palenkova. They found Rina beheaded on the railway tracks. People around the world are more interested in the incident than ever.

People were stunned by the videos and pictures of Rina that she took. This article will discuss the Rina Palankova Photo Head event. Keep watching.

What was in the photo?

The viral photo shows Rina, lying on the tracks with her head decapitated. It is clear that this was not suicide or accident, but an obvious case of the Blue Whale Game. Rina’s death was the first to be linked to the game.

She was the first to complete all fifty of the fifty tasks in the game. Rina died after completing the tasks. She was buried near her home on the railway tracks.

What is the latest Viral on TWITTER?

Although the incident occurred in 2015, there have been many discussions about it and we don’t know what caused it. The incident is still attracting attention and people can be seen participating in the Twitter discussion.

People want to know all the details of the case, especially those who were not aware of it in 2015.

What is the Train Video?

Rina’s video was taken down from several public platforms. It stated that Rina recorded her video on the railway tracks. This incident is believed to have been part of the game asking the player to take Rina’s life as described in the game.

It is asked that all ages, particularly young ones, refrain from taking part in the games and challenges.

Rina recorded her death video?

Rina recorded Rina’s entire death via her phone and circulated the information, as asked by the game. Officials thought Rina might have lost her life over a personal issue, but they discovered about the Blue Whale game.

Many deaths took place between the ages of 13 and 19 years after Rina’s death.

Last Photos by Rina Viral at Reddit

Reddit was the place where many of her last photos circulated before she lost her life. Reddit shows content that is 18+. The platform asks users if they are over eighteen and allows them to view the photos.

People can see her bloody finger in one of her photos. She was asked to complete tasks by the game, and then she was asked to share them on social media.

Did users find the video on TikTok or not?

Blue Whale asked users to share everything they did via social media. People ignored Rina’s actions at first, but after she died, they learned more about her activities and why she was posting them.

No links to TikTok were found that could have been related to this video. These pictures are not believed to have been uploaded due to violation of the platform’s terms and conditions.

Circulation photos and videos via Telegram

We have not seen anything posted to Telegram about Rina Palenkova. It is possible that it was posted in private channels or groups, but not publicly. Telegram did not contain any information about her, and the videos are not yet on public platforms.


We strongly condemn anyone who participates in the Blue Whale Game Challenge, particularly the young people who are driven by it. You can read the forums and get all the details online. What do you think about the incident? Leave a comment below.

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