Rebuild Rescue Scam: Check Vital Facts Here!

This article explains the basics of the Rebuild Rescue Scam. For more information, get the inside scoop.

Are you active in exploring varied YouTube channels? What type of content is most interesting to you? Do you enjoy the idea of restoring and rebuilding old planes? You would have viewed Rebuild Rescue, a popular YouTube channel.

The channel is very popular in the United States. Many viewers have come forward with shocking claims about the Rebuild Rescue Scam. Is this a scam? This is why we need to investigate and gain the necessary knowledge. Let’s read the following to discover the truth.

What’s the Rebuild Rescue scam?

Jason Morrison, the owner of Rebuild Rescue, was recently charged with defrauding his viewers. He raised $200K on YouTube to refurbish Cessna 401 aircraft. His audience was shocked to learn about the revenue from the general public.

Reddit users began charging scam cases for abducting or luring people through his refurbishing airplanes. These are difficult to find.

Jason obtained the money via the Rebuild Rescue Gofundme. Jason claims that he’s rebuilding the aircraft using this money for charity.

This claim is ridiculed by many viewers who don’t believe it. People want to know the truth about this channel.

Learn about the Rebuild Rescue channel

Rebuild Rescue was the first channel to be launched in 2016. Jason Morrison is currently the channel’s owner. He rescues abandoned and old items to make them new.

Rebuild Rescue YouTube channel has attracted 627K subscribers to date and received 50,468,799 viewers for all of their hard work. The series began one year ago and is now gaining popularity.

These were about the 1969 Cessna 401A refurbishment. He said that he had found the airplane abandoned on the runway. He asked viewers to help him rebuild the aircraft using his Gofundme account. This was referred to as a Rebuild Rescue Scam.

Rebuild Rescue Owner

Jason Morrison is the owner of Rebuild Rescue. Below are your personal details.

Name: Jason Morrison. Date of birth: Not known. Profession: American Youtuber. Children: Not revealed Nationality. American Net Worth: $1 million


Rebuild Rescue uploaded a series where they refurbished an old 1969 Cessna 401A plane. They ask viewers to donate money to a Gofundme account. The viewers began to accuse him of a fraud by collecting money from the innocent.

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