Petawawa Kia Tackle Video: Check Viral Trending News!

This article will inform readers about Petawawa Kia Tackle Video, and how Kia responded to it and dealt with the entire situation.

Have you seen the viral PetawawaKia Video. People all over the world have seen this video and are outraged at the things that are happening. People want to know more about the video and PetawawaKia’s actions.

We have the answer for you if you’re looking for the same answer. We have provided information to our readers about Petawawa Kia Tackle Video.

What was the Petawawa Kia Tackle Video like?

The viral video featured a battle between the manager of Petawawa Kia, and a customer. The video began recording in the middle. However, according to the thread on the internet the Customer was there for their deposit back.

The Kia manager shoved the Customer out of their store and began yelling. The Customer then pushed the manager, who called out the Customer’s wife with vulgar language.

What made this video viral on Twitter?

Social media allows people to be heard. This video was unfortunately the same. Because of the inappropriate comments and behavior of the manager towards the wife of Customer, this video began appearing on Twitter pages.

The manager was furious and people demanded that the company take corrective action for their rude employees.

How PetawawaKia reacted to the entire situation after it went viral on Reddit

PetawawaKia dismissed their manager who was involved with the viral video. They publicly apologized to their former Floor Manager. They stated that they would continue to provide outstanding customer service and that employees can be expected to exhibit the highest ethical standards.

This video was posted to Instagram.

The PetawawaKia tackle video was shared on several social media platforms, but not Instagram. While it was discussed on Instagram by some, Reddit and Twitter were more popular platforms for discussing the topic.

The Final Verdict

The company has fired the floor manager who was involved in the fighting video. PetawawaKia officially apologises for the incident.

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