Nadia Bartel Boyfriend Who is Peter Dugmore?

In the Nadia Bartel Boyfriend post, we’ll come to know about her previous and current relationships, as well as the Wikipedia page, her biography and much more.

Are you familiar with whom Nadia Bartel is? Why is everyone in Australia speaking about her? Who is this man who is boyfriend to Nadia Bartel? Do you know what her occupation is and why people are more interested in learning about her?

If you’re not sure what we’ll tell you all we know about Nadia Bartel in our post-Nadia Bartel Boyfriend. So, come along with us as we learn all concerning Nadia Bartel.

What’s the latest information about Nadia Bartel?

Nadia Bartel posted a cute image of her smiling man who seemed to whisper something in his ears. At first, she was keen to keep her relationship private and that’s why she didn’t share any photos of him or his profile on Facebook. Rumours about their relationship have been circulating since January of this year.

Then she posted the picture, dressed in an oversized, long-sleeved brown dress, and letting her blonde brown hair falling over her shoulder. Name of the new boyfriend with whom she shared the picture was Peter Dugmore.

Who is Peter Dugmore?

He was an ex- New South Wales footballer and sales director at a sporting goods company. He is an actor who has signed with a modeling agency Giant Management.

At first, the couple was observed on the streets of Melbourne at first in the month of January. In the following months they were spotted together in April and it was reported that they were dating in the middle of European Holiday in August. However, at last, they declared their relationship official and publicly declared their love for each other.

Who is Nadia Bartel? Her previous partner and her former relationship.

Nadia Bartel was born in Australia on the 10th of May 1985. She is a well-known fashion model as well as a social media influencer.

She has a YouTube channel , and 1.77k subscribers.

Nadia got married to Jimmy Bartel in 2014 and has two kids, Aston James Bartel and Henley Roy Bartel, with Jimmy Bartel. The couple then filed for divorced in the month of August in 2019.

During covid, she appeared in the middle of the show during covid, when Nadia and her other companions were in lockdown. They were required to pay $5452 in fines for their role in breaking the directive on public health.

Nadia Bartel Boyfriend is Peter Dugmore And she has finally made it clear in a blog post following long suspense.

Wikipedia/ Biography of Nadia Bartel:

Name Nadia Bartel Birth Date May 10, 1985 Aged 37 as of today. Birth Place Melbourne, Australia Female Nationality, Gender Australian Profession Model, influencer on social media, model Zodiac Sign of Taurus. Taurus partner Jimmy Bartel kids 2 marital Status Name of Boyfriend who is Divorced Peter Dugmore


Nadia Bartel shared a beautiful picture of herself with a man she’s currently dating. According to reports, they’ve been together since January. However, when it came time to reveal the relationship she made it public through a sweet blog post. It is possible to follow Nadia Bartel on her social media accounts here. Are you in need of more information about Nadia Peter and their relationship? Let us know in the comments section below about your take on the post.

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