Microsoft Power Platform in 2022

Topic: “Microsoft Power Platform in 2022”

The Wave 2 2022 release from Microsoft has been released, and it includes several new capabilities for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 that we may anticipate. We won’t rank them in any particular order, but here are our top five picks for Power Features and capabilities.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform is a collection of ‘Low-Code/No-Code’ Microsoft 365 capabilities that you may use to build unique business applications.

Although the power platform idea is relatively new, its many parts are not. These elements are undoubtedly familiar to you; you may have even utilized them.

Power Platform benefits

New look for model-driven apps

A simplified and user-friendly developer experience for model-driven apps has just been released, and it’s blazing fast.

Organize, control, and protect remote connections

Access control, password management, unified remote connection technologies, and remote machine data are all available on a safe, robust, and surprisingly user-friendly platform.

Makers of Canvas apps will be accustomed to the interface and navigation. Performance gains and the introduction of component libraries are to be anticipated.

Power BI’s new metrics

Some fantastic stuff from the Power BI team for business analysts! In Power BI, what was formerly known as goals has been changed to metrics. The metric scorecards display more detailed data in a more detailed manner by rolling it into hierarchies.

Power Tools

You can already install Power Programs for Windows to use your preferred connections with canvas and model-driven apps! Power Apps for Windows offer the same features you are accustomed to using, like the camera, geolocation, and many more.

In a preview, Search is added to Power Apps

 we’ve been waiting a long time for Search to show up in Power Apps, and now it has. To be clear, the new Search window is a preview feature (and subject to change) that necessitates the activation of a different configuration.

Open the Power Apps Studio, choose the Properties, Upcoming Features, Preview tab, and activate the Search setting. When your mouse is away from the formula bar, you can now access the Search pane or the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+F). To open the Search pane within the formula bar, press Ctrl+Shift+F.

A canvas app’s many divisions filter the outcomes, such as a variable, collection, data, media, flow, element, or screen. Depending on the setting of the Search, selecting search results from various locations in the Search pane will appear differently.

Additionally, the search results can be divided into two major groups: Definitions and Instances. Definitions briefly describe the item your app is referring to, typically in a formula. Instances explain the search outcomes connected to a specific app, screen, or control feature in the formula bar. With find & replace, you may extend the Search a little more.

Power Apps’ find and replace function

You may now search within a formula in the formula bar for mixtures of characters, numbers, words, and phrases using the new Find and Replace feature. Using this functionality, text casing, complete terms, and conditionals, you may find and replace the content inside formulas.

The Find and Replace button or shortcut keys in the formula bar can open the Find and Replace control. Additionally, you can pre-fill the search input with text.

The Find and Replace button is in the upper-right corner. The Find and Replace button is located in the formula bar’s upper-right corner. There are three ways to search the formula when using Find. Case matching, whole-word matching, and regular expression are the three methods. You have two choices when using Replace: replace or replace all.

Upgraded and new connectors

Last month saw the introduction of several new and upgraded connections, particularly in the document management space, with updates to DocuSign and GoFileRoom. Alkymi, Cascade, Exasol, and Tribal are just a few of the 13 new confirmed connections that were added overall, along with upgrades for 14 other connectors.

The Power App experience on mobile just got better! You can cover more than one canvas application into a single app by using the optional Wrap for Power Apps functionality. When ready, you can name the app with your distinctive logo. For front-line staff who interact with customers, it’s a fantastic all-in-one experience.


The significant improvements to Microsoft’s Power Platform released last month end here. Microsoft won’t slow down, even if the season has just begun. We will see what new updates will come in the future.

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