Kendra Wilkinson Husband Accident: Know Here!

Kendra Wilkinson Husband Incident Kendra Wilkinson will soon leave her comfort zone to enter the real-estate market. Kendra Sells Hollywood will air on Discovery Plus next Wednesday. This article will provide information about the Kendra Wilkinson Husband Accident.

Kendra Wilkinson Husband Accident

Kendra Wilkinson was the focus of 2017’s headlines when she divorced Hank Baskett, a former footballer. The couple, who had been married for nine years, reportedly split in January 2018. They agreed to share custody of their children, Hank and Alijah. According to the press, Baskett was having an affair with Kendra Wilkinson while she was pregnant by Alijah. She discovered that Baskett had an affair while Kendra Wilkinson was pregnant with Alijah.

Baskett spoke out about the incident and said:

“I made a mistake. I put myself in a difficult situation. This family was in pain because of everything I did.”

Where Is Kendra Wilkinson Now?

After The Girls Next Door, Wilkinson became a reality TV star. E! featured her as a star. She starred in the E! Six more seasons of Kendra on Top, a WeTV spinoff, saw her return.

Hank Baskett, an NFL wide receiver, was the former Playboy model. The couple split after nine years of marriage. The couple has two young children.

According to Us Magazine, Wilkinson has been on Dancing With the Stars as well as Celebrity Wife Swap. Wilkinson is also the author two books, Sliding Into Home (with Kendra). Celebrity Net Worth estimates that her net worth is $6 million.

Today reports that the 36-year old single mom will “return to reality TV” after a long hiatus. Kendra Sells Hollywood, Discovery+ will feature her.

Wilkinson has recently received her real estate license and is now switching careers. Although people will forever remember Wilkinson as the Playboy Mansion girl, she revealed that she is now “actually conservative” and that her children are all that matter to her.

Where is Hank Baskett Now?

After his divorce from Kendra Wilkinson in 2011, Hank Baskett chose to lead a more private lifestyle, which was quite a change from the one his fans are used to. Baskett, an American football star, retired in 2011. He decided to live a more private life than most other players and instead became a partner at HBCustoms, a company that makes video games consoles.

If you follow the ex-athlete on Instagram, you know that most of his posts are sponsored posts. These posts feature the latest products from the brand. According to the company’s website HBCustom builds custom computers using the latest technology and pays attention to every detail. Hank Baskett has more than 277,000 followers on this popular social-media platform for photo sharing.

Hank Baskett And Kendra Wilkinson Children

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett were married at the Playboy Mansion on June 27, 2009. Baskett and Wilkinson had two children. A son, Henry Randall Baskett IV was born December 11, 2009 and a girl, Alijah Mary Baskett was born May 16, 2014. Kendra aired between 2009 and 2011, while Kendra on Top aired between 2012 and 2017. Baskett and Wilkinson were not able to stay together and they divorced in 2018. Han Baskett’s Instagram account features photos of his children and sponsored content. He currently resides in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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