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This post isn’t about any celebrity, sportsperson or other famous people, but rather about a pioneer in the practice of midwifery. Justine Siegemund is well-known all over the world. Let’s move on and find out more about Justine Siegemund Wikipedia, her life and career details. For more information, please refer to the article.

Who was Justine Siegemund, you ask?

Justine Siegemund was her mother and a well-known midwife. Justine was born 1636, and died in November 1705. Her mother teaches her much about the profession. Elias Dietrich was her father, a Lutheran Minister. Justine had a difficult time with other midwives in her 20s. This experience motivated her to study midwifery and she began practicing in 1659. Justine married Christian Siegemund 1655, but they had no children. Her husband, an accountant, supported her on her chosen path. They divorced in 1673. You can find more information at the links below.

What caused Justine Siegemund to die?

Although many people are trying to find the cause of her death, it remains a mystery. Although her Cause of Death remains a mystery, she died in Berlin, Germany at the age of 68. Justine delivered 6200 babies during her career, which is an incredible achievement.

Justine Siegemund Biography:

Name: Justine Siegemund, Siegemundin. Profession: Medical textbook writer and midwife. Father: Elias Diettrich Mother: Mrs. Diettrich. German Nationality Net Worth: Unknown Age of 68 Date Of Birth: 26 December 1636. Date of death: October 10, 1705

Justine Siegemund: Obituary details

There is no information online about Justine’s funeral or obituary. Many other details regarding her life remain unknown.

Justine Siegemund – The Court Midwife

Justine wrote ‘The Court Midwife’ in 1690. Justine was made a royal Midwife in Berlin in 1701. She was the first woman to give obstetrics details from the female perspective. Because midwifery was still a male occupation at that time, it is why she was the first female to provide obstetrics details from a female perspective.

Final Summary

Justine Siegemund, a German woman, was the first to publish a book about midwifery practices. Because it provides detailed information about medical practices, it is now passed on to future generations.

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