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This article explains Pranaiya Madoffin Cause of Death.

We hear a lot about suicide these days. It is strange, then, that we don’t understand what an individual is going through inside. Suicide is a common choice for the most happy people. Every day, there are more suicides around the world. Let’s talk about the Pranaiya Magnoffin Cause of Death, and what happened before that incident. To find out the answers, read this article until the end.

Pranaiya Magoffin

Pranaiya, a 37-year-old lady, was ambitious in her personal and professional life. She received her MBA degree from Oxford University. There she met her husband and they were married. Their child Arthur was born in March 2021. Although she was a happy mother, it is possible that she has postpartum depression.

According to online sources, Arthur was born around one year after Arthur died. Read the entire article to find out how Pranaiya Olapathorn killed her son.

Pranaiya’s Demise Cause

Sources claim that Pranaiya Olapathorn killed herself and her child. Since the birth of her child, she was diagnosed with postpartum Depression. Her sleep was affected by several problems. She was known for being friendly with her children and a happy mother. Although her pregnancy made her happier than ever, there were many issues. Thailand was locked down, and she didn’t have fresh air. She began to say dark things shortly after her delivery. Pranaiya Olapathorn Death Cause could be her postpartum depression.

What did Arthur do after his birth?

Although she was happy, her first child birth brought on some challenges. She was happy, but she had problems with her pregnancy and breastfeeding after Arthur’s birth. Her husband said she forced her to do more than her husband. She spoke about not wanting Arthur and disappearing. It’s a huge statement, but it was something she felt. She was very concerned about her son’s growth and suffered from insomnia. To get to sleep, doctors prescribed her steroids and sleeping pills.

Pranaiya Magnoffin How Did She Kill herself?

According to online resources and the husband’s comments, she committed suicide after suffering from postpartum depression. Her husband tried to help her overcome her problems. It is hard to believe that she has been through so much.


We have all the evidence we have yet to prove that Pranaiya was the cause of Pranaiya’s death. Before she made this decision, she had travelled a lot. Her husband had many thoughts about the incident. Pranaiya Magoffin Cause of Death was recently revealed and her husband was interviewed. Click this link to see her husband’s reaction.

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