Is StunaHome Scam or Legit: Know Reviews Details!

Is StunaHome a Scam? We are 100% certain that StunaHome is authentic. Keep reading.

Are you a diabetic person? Are you looking for shoes that are comfortable and don’t cause pain in your soles? A site in the United Kingdom can be used to shop for shoes. It’s a StunaHome shop. But is Stuna Home a scam or legit? This article contains all the details about the StunaHome store’s reliability. To verify its authenticity, please do some thorough research.

Check out The StunaHome Store’s Permissibility!

Trustability Score: StunaHome stores have an average trust score. It received a trust score of 60 percent. The creation date for the StunaHome shop is May 29, 2021. The StunaHome shop expires May 29, 2024. The opinion of the Shopper: Based on 53 customer reviews, a few online stores shared StunaHome Reviews. They gave 1.3/5 stars. Amazon and other shopping sites also share reviews. Data Security: We discovered the HTTPS protocol, which aims to protect data. Social Media: StunaHome has 46 followers on Instagram and 25 on Facebook. We are unable to provide the phone number.

About The StunaHome Store

StunaHome is a popular online store, as many of their products can be found on other sites. There are many types of footwear available for diabetics. There are:

Women’s Orthopedic Footwear Wide Shoes/Diabetic Shoe Winter Collection Men’s Footwear More Women’s Shoe

Specifications Revealed in Is StunaHome Scam Or Legit!

URL: Email ID: Company’s Address: 331208, No. 21-5, Building D Jiangxi Province 2nd Floor No. 2002, Zhangjiashan. Jingkai West 5th Road. Zhangshu City. Yichun City. China Phone Number: It is not available. Many positive reviews were given to the official domain. Other online review sites also gave their products a positive rating with 1.3/5 or 3.8/5 ratings. You can return damaged or defective products within 30 days. Shipping Policy: Orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days. Delivery time is 7-14 days. Payment Modes: Amex, PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, etc.


All orders over PS40 Plus qualify for free delivery Numerous reviews can be found online as well as on the official StunaHome site.


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StunaHome Reviews

We have done a thorough analysis of the StunaHome store and found that it is very popular on other shopping websites. Sites like Amazon have also shared 3.8/5 reviews. It has 53 reviews and has received 1.3/5 stars from other sites. The official domain has received positive reviews. We also found pages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with insufficient followers. It has 25 Instagram followers and 46 Facebook followers. This site can be partially recommended. So is StunaHome a scam or legit? The site can be trusted partially, but only after you have checked its life expectancy. There are ways you can avoid being contacted by Credit Card Scammers.

Final Thoughts

Our team discovered that the site was registered on 29 May 2021. It has a trust score of 60 percent. It can be trusted partially. It has an average trustability score. You can also check out our products on other websites. Also, you can read our tips to prevent PayPal scamming.

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