Is Skimk Scam Or Legit: Check It Is Scam or Not!

Is Skimk a scam or legit? All the information we have collected from reliable sources has been verified as legitimate. You don’t have to search for it on different websites. Simply read this article and you will discover all the facts.

You Can Check the Permissibility of Skimk Shop

Trust Index: An evaluation of a mediocre trust index. It scored a score of 58.8/100. The expiration date for the Skimk shop is September 14, 2027. The Skimk shop was created by LLC Registration Date: September 14, 222. It was allowed to continue for more than four months. Skimk Reviews: Skimk Reviews have been found on the official websites. Although the products received positive reviews, they are not reliable as online review sites have not provided any reviews. Social Accounts: There are no Instagram, YouTube or YouTube profiles. Data Security: Skimk customers can share their details with them as they are encrypted via an HTTPS service. Information missing: There are no details about the location or phone number.

Skimk Shop Overview!

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • V-Neck Dress
  • Bra for Women
  • Princess Style
  • V-neck dress

Specifications, as examined in Is Skimk a Scam or Legit!

URL: E-mail Address: Local Information: Unavailable It is not available. Some positive testimonials were posted about the official domain. The online sites did not provide testimonials. Return Policy: Buyers have one month to return their order. Shipping Policy: Standard delivery can take between 9-21 days and express shipping may take between 5-9 days. Payment Options: Visa, Diners Club, Discover, Amex, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.

Positive Points

  • Free delivery over $59.
  • The email address of the company is available.

Negative points

  • The official site’s feedback seems dubious, as there are no similar online portals.

This section will provide all the information necessary to determine if the site’s safety. Reviews are the most important aspect. Many customers left positive feedback about the official domain. These testimonials are not reliable unless there are similar reviews online. We did not find any feedback online. Profiles on social media are also absent. We checked several social media networks to find their accounts. However, no accounts were found. It is evident that the authenticity of Skimk is strong and it appears to be a unreliable shop. Is Skimk a Scam or Legit? Our answer is no.

Final Thoughts

This post summarizes the information. We learned that the shop was discovered over four months ago, and that an average trust index has been calculated for the Skimk store. This shop is not to be trusted. You can find out more about PayPal scamming and how to get your money back. You can also find more information about trust index here.

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