Is Kaley Cuoco Still Married Who is Boyfriend of Kaley?

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New Relationship of Kaley Cuoco

Following an annulment of Kaley and Ryan Sweeting, Kaley has made the decision to leave Ryan Sweeting and move on to Tom Pelphrey but she is not married to Tom as of yet. A few days ago, Kaley announced her divorce from Ryan Sweeting in the middle of three years marriage. They stated that they been in love for a long time. But, they were forced to divorce because they were on different paths. They claimed that they made a decision to divorce without feelings of anger or hate. In addition to being an actress, Cuoco was also a flight attendant. Another of her Siblings, Briana, is also an actress.

About Kaley Cuoco

Kaley’s birthplace Kaley is Camarillo, California. Kaley is the older child of Layne Ann, a homemaker and Gary Carmine Cuoco, a real estate agent. Cuoco was a tennis player in her youth. After that, she quit tennis and focused on acting as a career. The younger sibling of Kaley Briana also acts as an actress and a singer. Briana was the voice of her fifth season on voice, and was also part as a character in The HBO Max series. She also appeared on a dark comedic show series called”The Flight Attendant.

Who is Boyfriend of Kaley?

Kaley was in a relationship with a variety of individuals. Cuoco began to date Johnny Galecki for two years until December 2009. At the time Cuoco was still working for The Big Bang Theory. She also got engaged to Josh Resnik in October 2011. However, their relationship ended in March 2012. In 2013, she got became engaged with Ryan Sweeting. After three months of dating, they tied the knot and in 2015, the couple declared divorce. The divorce was finalized on May 9th 2016. In late 2016 Kaley was in a relationship with Karl Cook, who married in June of 2018. The couple announced their separation in the last few days. In the last few days, Cuoco announced her relationship with Tom Pelphrey, and she is expecting a baby after just five months of their marriage.

Career of Kaley

Kaley began her career on the action thriller Virtuosity in the year 1995. Kaley also appeared on The Brady Bunch and the CBS comedy Ladies Man and The Brady Bunch. She also had a nifty part in the sitcom 8 Simple Rules by ABC sitcom. Quickstand was her debut thriller. Her other films comprise Toothless, Crimes of Fashion, The Hollow, and numerous others. Cuoco was also an executive producer on the comedy-thriller The Flight Attendant. The net worth of Kaley is estimated to be close to $100 million. She has won fans’ hearts with her admirers because of her impressive acting in numerous television and film series. People are interested in knowing about her divorce and relationship. However, most of her relationships ended in failure. She also got married to two of her friends however, the marriage did not work out. The public is eager to learn about her affair with Tom. Tom is not the husband of Kaley however, they are expecting their first child together. The couple has announced the birth on Instagram.


Kaley Cuoco has had success on the stage and has captured millions of hearts. She is engaged to Tom Pelphrey, and both are expecting a baby. To learn more, click the website.

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