Is Delishk Scam Or Legit: Get Reviews Details!

Delishk sells apparel and accessories through their website. Americans are interested in Delishk’s website. We recommend that they be viewed until the end.

The critical points of Delishk store

It is important to understand the basics of the website before you buy anything at the Delishk shop. This will make it easier to navigate the site. Below are some key details about the website:

Website creation date: The Delishk website was created on 31 October 2022. This website is only three months old.

  • Registrar: Delishk website registered by LLC
  • Social media accounts: The official website of Delishk has not listed any social media accounts.
  • Customer’s opinion
  • Trust index: The Delishk website is ranked 58.3 among 100 companies. 100 is the most trusted company.
  • Policies and Schemes: The Delishk website explains all important policies, including shipping and delivery policy, privacy policy, return and exchanging policy and terms and condition.

Below are some of the Delishk products:

Jackets Tops Dresses Jeans Cowgirl boots Jewellery

Features at Delishk store

URL: Email address: Phone number: The telephone number of the Delishk store is not available, which raises the question Is Delishk Scam or Legit Company address: Pallaswiesenstrabe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany Return policy: Buyers can return their products within 30 days of purchase Refund policy: Customers can get their products refunded within 7 to 15 days of purchase. Delivery Policy: Products can be delivered in 20 to 90 days depending on where they are located. Payment Policy: Customers can pay on the Delishk website using Amex, Visa or PayPal.

Positive Features

On the website, you will find information about email addresses and company addresses.

Delishk Review

Delishk’s website does not have any reviews. It is therefore difficult to determine whether this website is worth the investment. Delishk isn’t available on social media platforms so we can’t get any customer reviews. Online reviews are not available. This website should be better known. This post also contains information for buyers about how to avoid credit card frauds.


This post is a summary of Delishk Scam or Legit. Delishk’s website is brand new and does not have any reviews making it difficult for people to trust the website. We recommend that readers exercise caution when browsing this website, as it appears highly suspicious. Our post also contains information about how to avoid PayPal scammers. This page contains more information about clothing.

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