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Check out the following post to find out if reviews are fake or legit. It includes customer reviews and important FAQs.

Fashion-lovers, it’s your turn! Are you searching for the perfect collection of wedding outfits? Are you an Indian resident and confused about the right match for your outfit? We are introducing you to, a popular portal. This website offers a wide range of options and ensures that you get the highest quality outfits at affordable prices. But, simultaneously, a question arises! Is this a legitimate platform? Grab all the information you need and then read customer reviews.

Check Legitimacy Factors!

Domain registration date: This domain was registered over six months ago, on the 2nd of May 2022. Domain expiry date not detected by authentic reviewing portal. Blacklist Status: Not detected in any blacklist engine. Social media links: Links to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are available for Aurelia brands only. Malware & Threat profiles: This site has been given 42 points, which is a red flag. Whois services cannot retrieve the owner’s information. It has a Phishing Score of 35 and is considered a red alert. Trust Index: This domain has a score of 48.1%, which is an average score. Spam score: This site has received 19 points which is not a good sign. Reviews Reviews – It lacks genuine feedback. It has been awarded 18 points for its proximity to suspicious websites. Website Popularity: The number indicates low popularity. It is currently 1222741. security: An connection has been established. Trust Score: This score is an average of 50%. The link for WhatsApp is incorrect.

Learn More about “”.

This online store offers a wide range of celebrity-inspired outfits for women. They are passionate about making fashion a profitable business. As it clicks on any product, it seems like this website is part of the Aurelia brand.

This is why it is difficult to say if reviews are legit or a scam. Check out the specifications to see if all details have been provided.


URL: Email ID: support@biiba.i Phone Number: (+91) 81401 80662 Physical Address: Biiba Store, Aagam Vivianna, Opposite Phoenix Tower, Near Rajhans Cinema Vesu Surat Gujarat 395007 India. For domestic orders, shipping and delivery will take 5-7 business days. The return policy is valid for 30 days. VISA, Skrill and Payoneer are the payment methods.

What are the Shopping Advantages?

It was found that the site has a valid connection. This site has not been blacklisted. Reviews and Reviews Discusses the Pros of the Website!

It does not have authentic customer reviews. Social media links show a different brand. WHOIS does not provide information about the owner. Negative scores are a warning sign for shoppers. It is incorrectly linked to WhatsApp.

What are customer reviews saying?

Online domains are authentic only if customers leave reviews. However, there are no reviews left by customers. Aurelia’s social media accounts also have links.

External review platforms have found that customer reviews are missing. You can also find some tips to protect yourself from PayPal scams.

Last Thoughts

It is difficult to believe that the domain has not received any reviews or scores. Another negative sign is the inability to retrieve data from the owner using WHOIS services. We recommend that you avoid this domain and instead shop at any legit site. Click here for details on Credit Card Scams.

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