Indmoney vs. Groww for U.S. stocks

Topic: “Indmoney vs. Groww for U.S. stocks”

Many portals in India can provide you with the capability to control your assets and engage in mutual funds.

Each system has something distinctive, from various commission management tools to different investment plans.

But having so many alternatives may occasionally be confusing, so we’ve compared two of the most well-liked systems in India, INDMoney, and Groww.


People can manage their funds from a single location with the assistance of INDMoney, an asset tracker and an investment planner.

With robotics and machine learning, INDMoney manages all financial planning, saving, and investing aspects.

With INDMoney, you can handle taxation, loans, cash, investments, costs, and more from a single app. You can even invest in new goods with no fee.

It was introduced in 2019 to automate all financial operations for people and their families. You may track your family members’ assets from your account by adding them.

It is a SEBI-registered asset manager and accessible on both P.C. and mobile.

There is no fee payable because INDMoney solely deals with direct mutual funds.


Groww is a trading platform that makes it simple for investors to buy stocks and mutual funds.

Investors in mutual funds are not required to pay any transfer or redemption fees because doing so is entirely free. You can participate in all of these products, including Indian equities, mutual funds, F.D.s, and U.S. stocks, using Groww’s single platform.

It was established in 2016 and is offered in desktop, mobile, and tablet versions on the Playstore and Application store.

It aims to be an all-in-one investing application and has extreme encryption requirements.

Groww makes it possible for investors to buy Indian stocks and gives them all the essential information about each firm.

INDMoney Features

U.S. Stocks

You can invest in all U.S. equities using INDMoney without paying a fee.

You can open a two-in-one super account online with the initial registration, which is also free. Trading is entirely commission-free, allowing investors to reduce their investment costs and increase profits.

Tools for Financial Planning

A complete financial planning system is included with INDMoney to assist investors in setting their objectives and managing their future net worth so that they can have financially comfortable years in the future.

You can create and plan your financial objectives using the retirement planner and several calculators that are included.

Mutual Funds

You can invest in a wide variety of mutual funds through INDMoney. With INDMoney, you can participate in what best suits your financial goals, including equity investments, hybrid funds, and debt funds.

With the help of Investment Tracker INDMoney, an investor may monitor all of their assets with a single click without being concerned about their value declining.

Additionally, they can invest using INDMoney’s zero-commission program and purchase bonds, F.D.s, mutual funds, equities, and much more.


INDMoney offers services related to loans and on-demand credit lines to enable clients to effortlessly fund their mortgage loans, commercial real estate loans, and lines of credit secured by the property.

Due to its Family Super Banking App, Family Banker INDMoney is regarded as a fantastic banker for families. There are no fund transfer fees for any account holding U.S. equities, and it provides certificates of deposit at competitive rates of about 7.3%. 

Indian Stocks

INDMoney offers its clients a list of all Indian stocks, which they may research before investing in and keep track of as part of their portfolio.

It has a dashboard that details the 52-week high and low prices, leading to significant gains at the money, market losses, hot stocks, and active regions.

Initial public offering

You may invest in all future Initial public offerings with INDMoney because its dashboard is regularly updated with those who have already gone public and those in the process of doing so.

Permanent Deposits

With affordable rates, INDMoney offers a variety of fixed deposit alternatives. With return rates ranging from 3% to above 7.5%, one can spend as little as Rs 5,000 or as much as their budget allows.


INDMoney provides its clients with a thorough analysis of the recommended bonds, commercial bonds, bonds issued by banks, and public sector bonds.

This allows traders to select the best bond selections based on their trading objectives.

Products Offered By Groww

Mutual Funds

You can invest commission-free in more than 5000 straight mutual funds through Groww. With Groww, purchases can also be automated so that you can benefit from a strong SIP without exerting much effort.

To guarantee that you gain more than what you invest in, index funds on Groww are suitable dividend investments with tax savings.


Groww also enables traders and investors to buy and trade stocks of the leading Indian corporations on the stock market.

This feature offers a variety of order and delivery options, which improves the trade process. With Groww, users may invest in ETFs, equities, indexes, and more.

Options and Futures

Options and futures contracts are yet another thing Groww sells. It includes a streamlined option chain that enables one-click trading of opens. Charts supporting every trade make it easier for you to spot market moves. Additionally, Groww offers its investors access to the most actively traded options, stock F&O, and index in one location.

Initial public offering

You can participate in all future IPOs through Groww.

It includes an easy-to-use IPO tracker that maintains track of all previously listed and upcoming initial public offerings (IPOs), including their authorized capital, bid day, and price point, so you can make better investing choices.

U.S. stocks

You can invest in American stocks with Groww by creating a free account and doing so without paying a brokerage fee or investment commission. Investors have access to various stocks on the site, including those from well-known international giants such as Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more.

Even account maintenance fees are waived by Groww, and all buy and sell orders are processed at no cost.

Permanent Deposits

On Groww, bank deposits offer great interest rates, total security, a variety of institutions to select from, and zero fuss.

Simply register your account so that it may begin operating in a few minutes, invest in your F.D., and monitor it using Groww’s dashboard. Additionally, you can withdraw funds anytime, even before the maturity date.

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