How to Play MW2 Beta Xbox

Topic: “How to Play MW2 Beta Xbox”

Players had almost two days to test out Modern Warfare 2 until its formal premiere in October, so the Open Beta is now effectively over. Here is all the information you need, including instructions on how fans could get early access to the Beta and a list of the featured content.

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta release date

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta was held over two separate weeks in September. The first week was devoted to PlayStation games. The Beta was accessible from September 16–17, allowing those with early access to begin playing away immediately. All PlayStation players had access to the Beta from September 18 through 20. It should be noted that the Modern Warfare 2 Beta was accessible without PlayStation Plus.

After a brief period of inactivity, the Beta was launched in the second week on all systems. Before the ultimate open Beta from September 24-26, early access began on September 22–23.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta platforms

On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Battle.Net, and Steam, the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta was released.

The Open Beta will provide gamers on all applicable systems a sneak peek at the action before the official Modern Warfare 2 launch on identical hardware.

Additionally, the second Beta window offered complete crossplay capabilities, allowing players to collaborate and compete with people using different hardware.

How to play the MW 2 Open Beta?

Pre-ordering the complete game on your preferred platform was all that was necessary to get immediate access to the Modern Warfare 2 Beta. All pre-orders received early access, irrespective of how and where you operate or buy your games.

You were immediately enrolled to participate in the early access session when Modern Warfare 2 becomes released if you pre-ordered it online on a platform via the Ps Store, Xbox Store, or online on a computer through Battle.Net or Steam.

Nevertheless, your early access Beta key could have been provided through an online invoice if you had pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 at a physical store.

Codes were made available as arbitrary gifts during the 2022 CDL Championship Weekend tournament as the last means of gaining entry to the Beta. The chance to win a Modern Warfare 2 Beta code was available to viewers just for watching on YouTube. Here is everything you need to understand.

Fans must go to the official Call of Duty Beta redeeming page to redeem their 13-character Beta code for retail pre-orders to get early access. To make everything simple, the following is a step-by-step guide:

  • Any Modern Warfare 2 edition can be pre-ordered on any platform.
  • If you pre-ordered a digital version, the Beta is already guaranteed to you.
  • Use your 13-character Beta code if you ordered a physical copy ahead of time.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta rewards

Activision provided 10 distinct rewards, namely two weapon blueprints and an operator skin, for skilling in the Beta.

Only the Beta offered the chance to unlock the rewards. The creators affirmed that Warzone 2 would likewise provide the Beta incentives.

The complete list of Beta awards is provided below.

“Smashed It” emblem: unlocked at operator level 2.

At operator level 4, the charm “Buckle Up” is unlocked. At operator level 6, the player badge “Passed the Test” is unlocked. At operator level 10, the poster “Operation First Blood” is unlocked.

Operator Level 15 unlocks the “Side Impact” weapon blueprint, and Operator Level 18 unlocks the “Collision” player skin.

Vinyl: “No Competition” Activates at Level 19 of the Operator

“Safety First” Sticker: Unlocked at Operator Level 21. “Floor It” vehicle skin, unlocked at player level 26.

“Frontal Impact” weapon blueprint: unlocked at operator level 30.

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