How To Level Up In Solar Smash What is Solar Smash?

Solar Smash is a mobile-based game. It’s a simulation-type of game. It is a simulation-type game. Many players are curious about how to level up in Solar Smash to enjoy amazing gameplay. This article will explain how to level up in Solar Smash, and how to unlock secret planets.

How to Level Up in Solar Smash?

You must complete the achievements in Solar Smash to level up. When you completely destroy a planet, you will achieve the Planet Samsher achievement. To achieve the Planet Samsher achievement, you must completely destroy all life on the planet as well as the planet’s core. You will need to cut at least one-fourth the planet’s total mass. Then, wait for one hour in-game. By this point, the planet will be completely destroyed. This achievement can be earned using weapons such as the Solar Beam Satellite. You will need to achieve the Weapon Master achievement. These achievements will help you to level up quickly in the game.

Solar Smash Guide. Tips, Tricks and Cheats

You can use tricks and cheats in order to complete the achievements and play the game.

Planet Smash

This game mode allows you to choose from seven pre-determined planets, which you can either destroy or create your own. There are four icons to indicate the categories of your tools. The first is the natural phenomena. Here you can access meteorites, meteor showers and black holes. The weaponry will be next. The third is the aircraft icon. This allows you to command UFOs. Finally, you will be able to see the Lovecraftian monsters.


A cog icon will appear in the bottom-right corner if you choose specific weapons such as meteorites, rockets or laser beam. This space allows you to customize your weapons however you wish. You will be able to adjust the color and surface area of your planets water and land as well as brightness.

System Smash

This is the game mode where you can wipe out the entire solar systems. The default setting would appear as a blue icon in the upper right. This will allow you to move the sun or planets.

If you tap the icon in the upper right, you can enter orbital mode. Thai would be indicated by an orange hue. Tap a planet in Thai mode to see its orbital pattern. These patterns can be shifted by drag-and-release. You should also be aware that changing the orbit of the sun will have an enormous impact on other planets. The rewind icon can be used to rewind your progress.

How to Unlock All Secret Planets in Solar Smash?

Solar smash can help you find secret planets. Below is how to unlock these planets.

Flat Earth

You must set the laser at 5 to unlock the Flat Earth. Next, you can use the laser to eliminate the lower and upper parts of the Earth. When only the middle of the earth remains, press reset. The Flat Earth will appear.

Cube Earth

You will need to first open your grid settings in order to create Cube Earth. Next, move the X, Y and Z values towards the middle. Then lower each one one by one. You will see some parts that are not needed, so you must remove them. Once you have done this, press the reset key. The Cube Earth will appear.

Donut Earth

You will need to first remove the top and bottom from the Earth. Then, make a hole at the center. The Donut Earth will appear when you press the reset button.

Ghost World

The Solar Smash will unlock the Ghost World, a spirit planet that is known as the Ghost World. You must hit the planet multiple times to unlock this planet. To hit the planet, you can use the purple ghost weapons from the Monsters category. To destroy the planet, you will need to expel many ghosts. You must reset the Ghost World after you have destroyed the entire planet.


It is easy to unlock the Snowman. To freeze the entire planet’s surface, you will need to use the Freeze Ray Weapon. Then, hit the restart key. The Snowman can be found in the Unknown System category.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat will be presented as a giant space pumpkin. This is possible by using the Planet Killer weapon found on the UFO tab. You can use this weapon anywhere on Earth. The beam reaches the core of the planet and heats it, eventually making it explode. Just a second before the explosion, press restart to get the Trick or Treat word.

Gingerbread Man

You must first unlock the Snowman Planet before you can unlock the Gingerbread Man Planet. To unlock the Snowman Planet, you will need to use the Planet Killer weapons. The weapon will glow bright orange if you hold it for long enough. The Planet Killer will teleport away. As soon as the planet teleports, you must immediately reset it. This will unlock the Gingerbread Man planet.


You must first unlock Cube Earth to unlock Blockworld. Cube Earth requires you to launch a Healing Missile. When the planet is covered in green mist, you must reset. Blockworld planets would have been unlocked by now.

The Sun

To unlock the Sun, you must first look at Mars. Then, aim for the Sun and send 10 UFOs towards it. This will cause the Sun to explode and unlock itself.

How to Level Up Weapons in Solar Smash?

There are 22 weapons that you can use to destroy the planet. Based on their energy, they are divided into five types. These types are not officially designated, but they are named by players based on the type of their energies. These are the following weapons:

  • Spacial
  • Energie
  • Laser
  • Alien Tech
  • Monsters

These weapons can be found in the game. They will automatically be unlocked when you download the most recent version of the game.

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