How to Keep Dog Hair Off Bed?

Experiencing dog hair in bed is not only annoying but also brings along various diseases. You can sniff those hair unknowingly while creating breathing difficulties. It is possible to remove dog hair from bed without much fuss from the simple tips we have shared below –

  • Lint roller

A lint roller is a very effective option for removing dog hair conveniently from bed. It is a relatively straightforward tool that simply sticks hair towards the outer surface on rolling it over the bed. In case you have a husky dog, a lint roller might not seem to be a fair option for that. However, for removing the small ones this is undoubtedly a good Choice undoubtedly.

  • Shaking the blank

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pet hair from bed is to shake off the blanket somewhere outside the room. This might appear somewhat hectic but is a foolproof method that works incredibly well. Also, it is the most effective idea for removing both long length and short length dog hair.

  • A vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner would remove all the dog hair on your bed with the suction technology. It would just suck away all the short and long dog hair from your sheet while keeping you free from any annoyance.

  • Try dry sheets

The Pretty inexpensive dry sheets are incredibly worthwhile in removing dog hair from the surface of your bed sheet. You can just run the dryer sheet over the bed and throw it away once it is full of hair. Do it every time when you find your bed getting dirty because of pet hair.

  • Separate broom

It goes without saying that you cannot use the same broom for cleaning the floor and bed. Keep a separate weapon for moving dog hair and you can sleep on a clean bed every day.

  • Use rubber gloves

Most Of the pet lovers would not like the idea of using rubber gloves to remove the dog hair but we would suggest it for the safety purpose. Rubber gloves are an easy solution to remove pet hair as you just have to rub your hand all over the bed and that would catch hold of all the lint available. You can eventually discard the rubber glove and that is how it should be.

 Remember; Prevention is better than cure

If your pet dog is shedding a lot of hair, the better idea would be to keep him away from the bed. Brush the dog thoroughly twice a day and keep the furry animal away from children.

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