How Much do Dog Trainers Make?

Are you planning to become a full-time dog trainer?you Must know the potential earning so that planning a career that way would be feasible.

A dog trainer can easily make a good income according to the skills, certificate and educational career. Here is a small guide that tells how much an average dog trainer earns.

How to calculate The pay of dog trainer

The Pay structure of a dog trainer depends on whether he is self-employed or working under someone else. In case you Are self-employed,  the income would depend upon how many dogs you would train. On the other hand if you are working under someone else, the pay rate would be hourly.

How to determine the income of a dog trainer?

A dog trainer usually earns more after gaining some experience and practicing profession on a self-employed basis. The rest of factors determining the income of a dog trainer are-

The specialization of a dog trainer includes scent work dogs, protection dogs, service dogs and pet dogs.The income depends on what type of dogs do you train for behavior modification.

  • Your education

The higher the qualification, the better would be the income. A self employed dog Trainer must pursue a proper training certificate before practicing the profession.

  • Work Environment

The work environment depends on the ability to take risks. If you are employed by someone else, the risk is shared by the employer. On the other hand if you are self-employed, there is a higher risk and the ability to earn depends on that.

  • Location

Most of theTime  dog trainers earn more in metropolitan cities.  If You Are practicing your profession in a small town, there are likely to be lesser requirements of dog training and hence little income.

Final words

A minimum of $60 per hour is the charge taken by dog trainers Who are working under someone else. In simple words, if they work for five hours, the amount would be $300 per day. Similarly the self-employed ones usually charge A minimum of $15 per dog. In case they look after eight dogs per day, the income would be$360 per day. While determining the income of a dog trainer, one must also calculate the expenses that are required to be paid. For example one requires to bear expenses for some dog toys, insurance and transportation. Also, you may be required to rent a place where the treatment and training is taking place. The overall income in case of self-employment is calculated after reducing all the expenses.

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