How Long can a Dog go without Water?

Wondering how long your dog can live without water? The maximum duration of survival differs from one pet animal to another. Water is one of the most essential elements to keep the dog alive and maintain his health. It is a known fact that dogs can live without food for a plenty of days but they just cannot survive without water. You can not create a gap of more than three days when it comes to hydrating your pet animal. If the dog becomes completely dehydrated, it can potentially lead to their death or damage to their vital organs.

Dog not drinking water?

It should be noted that if your dog is not well and is refusing to drink water for more than one day, seek for expert help right away. Dehydration in the pet animal should be quickly diagnosed and treated. There can be many reasons why you are dog is not drinking water. Find out the cause if you actually care for your pet.

How much Water does a dog need?

Water consumption patterns differ from one dog breed to another. It is always a good thing to encourage your animal to drink plenty of water because it keeps them  hydrated and active. The water consumption requirement of the dogs depends on their body weight as well. Majority of the time 750 ML of water is enough to keep dogs well hydrated and active. Some of the dogs even required more than 2 L of water per day because of their hyper activities and large body structure.

In comparison to adult dogs, puppies have a comparatively lesser requirement of water. They easily survive without water for many days because of them mothers milk. Even if you give them a half cup of water, it is just more than enough for them to live. The adult hydration requirements are different than the ones from newborn dogs.

Factors influencing water requirements of a dog-

  • Activity level

Not Every dog has the same level of activity and schedule. Some of the dogs live in open areas and big bungalows where they get a lot of space to walk, play and run. On the other hand, there are some pet animals sheltered in small homes and apartments where they remain indoors majority of the time. Water requirement for indoor pet animals is comparatively less in comparison to the ones who remain outdoors. For example, the Pomeranian living indoors has a comparatively lesser water requirement in comparison to a bulldog which is generally kept outdoors. In case of a higher activity, dogs cannot survive more than 72 hours without water. On the other hand, dogs living indoors can still do without water for approximately three days.

  • Body size

Body size has a role to play in both food requirements and water needs. Dogs with bigger built need more water to keep them hydrated and active. On the other hand, the small puppies and toy dogs can do with just half minus one cup of water in one day.

  • Food pattern

The type of food consumed by the dog also determines how long a dog can live without water. For example, a pet animal surviving on mother feed Can easily do without water or just a little bit of it easily. On the other hand, a full fledged dog living on solid food needs more water to maintain the hydration level.

  • Weather

Generally, the requirement for water is less during cold and rainy seasons in comparison to summers. Signs of dehydration amongst dogs should be very carefully monitored by the pet owner. Dogs have different water requirements than that of humans.

Symptoms of dehydration in pet –

  • Panting

Even if you have just given plenty of water to your dog a few hours ago, give them water once again if you find them panting. Water helps to regulate the body temperature of the animal and fights overheating. Excess activity can dehydrate the dogs leading to more water requirements.

  • Sunken eyes

Dehydration of ocular muscles can make the eyes of the dog look sunken. Give them water to improve skin elasticity and overall wellness.

Symptoms of indigestion internally reflect the need of water amongst dogs. If in case there is a loss of appetite, maybe poor hydration level can be one reason. Water helps animals to digest and swallow their food. If you give them less water than what they need, they may lose interest in eating and become sick all together.

  • Inactivity

Just like humans, thirst can bring inactivity and lethargy in the pet animal. The reduced blood circulation because of dehydration can give a Health toll to the animal. If you find your dog tired and weak, take no time in serving it with fresh and clean water .

Final words

Even if you are just planning to leave your dog for a few hours, make sure you fill up their bowl with water. Your dog should always have clear access to both food and water so that they do not suffer from health issues and loneliness.

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