How Long can a Dog go Without Eating?

Dogs have a different level of survival altogether. They can do really well even without eating for several days. However, if you ask an average duration till a dog can survive without eating then it is not more than five days. It is very important to provide a well balanced and adequate diet to your beloved pet. Feed Him with the correct nutrition and that is how you can keep it healthy and strong. However, if your pet is not eating well, you might get worried and think how long can a dog live without eating food.

There is nothing much to worry because dogs can survive without food for several days as long as it is healthy. You can instead feed the dog with some liquid diet if your dog is refraining to eat food. Take the help of a vet and you will be able to get your beloved pet back into his diet.

How can a dog survive without food?

A dog can survive for up to 5 days without food as long as it is not very ill. You Cannot guarantee the life span of a pet who is ill and not eating anything. It is important to take care of your dog if it is not consuming proper food for any reason. The outcome of not eating food can be very fatal to your animal.

Most importantly, you should remember that a dog can survive without food for many days but not without water. Three days is the maximum duration for a dog to live without water. Even if you are not available at home, Make sure that your pet can easily access water and food to avoid any health problems later on.

Why is my dog not eating?

There can be many reasons why you are dog is simply refraining to eat food. You must find out the actual reason and try to eliminate that anyhow. Sometimes a simple visit to a vet can resolve the problem and begin with the healing process. Here are some reasons why most of the dogs would not eat food –

  • Depression

Dogs who are depressed avoid eating food and may face schedule changes. Suppose, you have just got a little puppy at home and he would not eat or sleep enough. It can be because of uncomfortable atmosphere and change in its habitat. Try to give it proper attention so that they can feel safe and secure. Showing affection to the little pet is very important to help them survive and to revive depression.

Any existing medical condition can make the pet lose interest in eating. Usually, there can be infections, allergies, pain, autoimmune diseases or organ failure that your dog might suffer. Keep a check on his health and that is how one Can eliminate the disease and put him back to eating. Lack Of good Health is one notable reason why your dog is not consuming food.

  • Mental disease

Mental disease can occur amongst pets infinitely. Depression and anxiety is not only common among human but is prevalent in animals as well. You should try to talk to your pet to figure out the signs of depression. Treat them with love and let them overcome that negative feeling for A healthy body all together.

My dog is not eating, what should I do?

A timely action is very important in order to reverse the problem. The best is to diagnose the problem of depression or any certain medical condition. Help your pet to follow his routine regimen to stay healthy. Taking your beloved animal to a renowned pet can save his life. You should not think of saving money when You find the life of the little better at stake. Generally, my dog is not eating food is accompanied with growling, hiding, barking and aggression. There can be certain rude behaviours which further show that your dog is not comfortable and is ill.  A veterinarian can keep the animal calm by delivering a speedy treatment.

Final words

 Most of the pet dog won’t eat because of being separated from their original owners or travelling excessively. Loud noises and presence of underlying medical condition and also a few aspects that can make you wonder why my dog is not eating food. Give him enough space and socialisation while introducing it with a positive surrounding. Help your dog to choose his food andgive it ample of attention and care.

Any underlying root cause of the problem should be eliminated in the right time to get your dog hungry once again. Do not wait for the situation to get worst but Help things to get back to the correct track by taking right steps. You know how much your dogs need food to live. Do not just sit back and watch but take steps so that he eats as much as he used to do earlier.

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