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The Australian startup Harambe Protocol is working to create a blockchain ecosystem of businesses powered by the RIPH token, focusing on creating initiatives for the gaming sector. Read more about Harambe protocol in this guide:

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Overview of Harambe Protocol

In an endeavor to pay tribute to Harambe, the primate most adored on the internet, Harambe Protocol was established as a startup. Consequently, they are working to create a distinctive ecosystem for distributed systems while actively supporting global gorilla conservation initiatives. The Australian startup Harambe Protocol is working to develop a blockchain ecosystem of businesses powered by the RIPH token, focusing on creating initiatives for the gaming sector. Designers are very clear about the direction they drive the business model, the opportunity for growth, and the resources required to achieve their long-term objectives.

The Harambe Protocol’s history (RIPH)

Harambe Protocol was established by Jai Turnor, who also serves as CEO, in December 2020. The project manager, Alex Garcia, has previous telecom industry experience. Ksu is the visual artist, and Troy Doropoulos oversees community relations for the site. The team is working to create a game that will enable players to advance their technical and interpersonal abilities.

What Is Harambe Protocol (RIPH) ?

A decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency named Harambe Protocol (RIPH) is built on gorilla-populated earth. 25,000 different personas make up the blockchain metaverse’s Harambians. The Metaverse is a virtual reality (VR) environment where users engage, play games, and participate in activities much like they would in reality. The Harambe space club, which offers players an interactive environment, integrates Harambians. The main objective of Harambe Protocol is to create a blockchain ecosystem focusing on building businesses for the gaming sector.

The Harambians hibernate in deep space, where there is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game. The players manufacture cryo pods for the unique Harambian character and buy the token.

Cryopods are objects that store other things by turning them into ice cubes by chilling them. The game’s premise is that 10,000 Harambians have forgotten who they are, and they must recreate their former community. The players work together to boost the economy and outwit the adversaries. The game puts one’s capacity for efficiency, sense of cooperation, and managerial skills to the test. The game is about developing your leadership skills as a team and making wise choices when under pressure. Defending the owned districts is a requirement of the game, as is being prepared to deal with any unforeseen challenges.

The Harambian NFT, another protocol component, enables users to communicate with the Harambian population and discover the Metaverse. Moreover, within the Harambe space club, players can buy and purchase numerous NFT items. In the Harambe Protocol, RIPH serves as the native token. The token can be staked by users who own it for passive benefits. The token actively contributes to gorilla protection organizations through the NFT earnings. Users buy a token and do their small part to help save threatened species.


What is the current price of the Harambe Protocol?

The price of a Harambe Protocol presently budgets at US$0.0006072.

What is the market capitalization of the Harambe Protocol?

With a current market capitalization of USD 0, the present value of Harambe Protocol is $ 0.0006095 per (RIPH / USD).

What is the all-time high of the Harambe Protocol?

The all-time high of the Harambe Protocol is $0.0006839. The Harambe Protocol has never been purchased for a sum higher than this.

What other assets are similar to Harambe Protocol?

Several other assets, such as GLOBEX, BitcoinSoV, and EDAC, have market caps comparable to that of the Harambe Protocol. 

How many Harambe Protocols are there?

The present flowing supply of Harambe Protocol is 0.

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