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The most accessible place to get XP in Fortnite is through missions; XP is needed to advance in the Battle Pass so that gamers may unlock additional cosmetic goodies over the season. The Gen Hoshino Soundwave Series was released to Fortnite by Epic Games approximately three months ago. Around this point, Chapter 3, Season 3 was very close to becoming live. The community was very enthusiastic, and the show gained popularity. Numerous new tasks have been added to the game with the arrival of Chapter 3, Season 3. Getting the Gen Hoshino Coin is among the methods. Find out how to obtain the Gen Hoshino Coin in Fortnite by reading this post through to the end.

How to get Gen Hoshino Coin in Fortnite?

Players are having trouble completing Season 3’s most straightforward task, which requires them to collect a Coin from the Soundwave Series. The players only need to attend the concert to get the Coin. The Epic’s Picks section can be found on the Discover Tab on the main screen. They must locate Soundwave Series and join the concert from this location. It may be a bit tiresome for players to invest 20 minutes getting the Coin. However, this is the only method for achieving it.

The Coin will become visible for players to grab after it’s over. After returning to the main menu, you will have earned 40,000 XP and a special Soundwave Series spray. Act swiftly because you only have a few days to complete this assignment.

As said, switch the game mode and seek the Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino button to enter the Gen Hoshino concert. Once you’ve finished, load into the show by starting the game.

The concert will run roughly 20 minutes, during which you can fly around, sing, and groove to some awesome music. Throughout the show, music notes will also float. You can go about and gather them for a few hundred XP apiece. The Gen Hoshino coin in Fortnite may be obtained only in this manner.

There’s no harm in listening to the concert repeatedly. However, you won’t receive any experience points for doing so. However, the musical notations will still be audible if you replay the concert. This is a quick way to earn a few thousand XP.

Besides The Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino Spray will also be given to the gamers in addition to the X; for additional Fortnite XP, players can accomplish the challenges listed below.

  • Runaway Boulders Must Be Removed (6)
  • At Lazy Lagoon, gather bars (100)
  • Use the Prime Shotgun to headshot enemies (5)
  • Player damage from the Ripsaw Launcher (200)
  • Attack adversaries with the Two-Shot Shotgun (10)
  • Wildlife can be tamed in one match (3)
  • Arrive at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm, then take a single match to get to The Glow (2)

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