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Topic:Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard

Under the Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard for Fortnite, we’ll talk about the Event’s start and end times and the methods you can participate in.

You may be familiar with the Fortnite Sypherpk Cup. Are you aware of the time and date it will begin? Do you know how to partake in the Event in the best way possible?

The eagerly awaited SypherPK Cup has members in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Through the Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard, we have covered all the details. Stay with us.

What’s the Sypherpk Cup beginning Date and time?

The SypherPK Cup took place on September 21, 2022. For each server, the timing was different. Europe and NAE time was 6 p.m.; from then forward, the other servers’ time was 7 p.m. The player and team may play a maximum of ten games, and  Each region has a three-hour time limit.

Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard: Entry

The only prerequisite for participating in the SypherPK cup is a reliable Epic login level 10 or higher. Additionally, 2-Factor Authentication must be turned on. To attend the Cup, if you meet these qualifications, visit the playlist section of the Fortnite arena at the proper time.

Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard & Prizes

Two leaderboards will be available during the SypherPK Cup. The traditional leaderboard, which tracks wins and losses, is the initial one. The next one keeps a trail of how many knockouts you achieve when employing the Trap Tower equipment.

Regardless of where you finish in the Cup, if you score at least 8 points, you will obtain the Sypher’s Mask Emoticon. The top 150 finishers in each class will receive the SypherPK Icon Series Skin and Oni’s Curse Back Bling.

SypherPK, who recently gained a dark vibe, is the newest Fortnite Icon, and you can potentially win this skin for nothing! Except you’re one of the best players in your area. 

SypherPK Icon Cup: Event Format & Scoring

By the start of the SypherPK Icon Cup, all qualifying participants on a Pairings team (as decided by Epic in compliance with these Rules must rank in the Open League Division I, II, III, or IV or above inside Arena in their particular server location. This way, they will be eligible to line up and play during the Event timeframe as indicated in-game.

It will take place for about three (3) hours. Throughout the Event, each player may take part in a total of ten (10) games. According to the scoring methods, players will accrue points. Only matches that start before the Time frame will qualify for the Competition.

Players will receive prizes as described depending on their standing on the relevant in-game leaderboards (collectively a “Leaderboard” and together, the “Leaderboards”) at the end of the Event, under the conditions and restrictions below.

Scoring System – Main Leaderboard
Victory Royale will stand for 25 Points
2nd rank will be on 22 Points
3rd rank will be on 20 Points
4th rank will be on 18 Points
5th rank will be on Points
6th rank will be on 16 Points
7th rank will be on 15 Points
8th rank will be on 14 Points
9th rank will be on 13 Points
10th rank will be on 12 Points
11th rank will be on 11 Points
12th rank will be on 10 Points
13th rank will be on 9 Points
14th rank will be on 8 Points
15th rank will be on 7 Points
16th rank will be on 6 Points
17th rank will be on 5 Points
18th – 19th rank will be on 4 Points
20th – 21st rank will be on 3 Points
22nd – 23rd rank will be on 2 Points
24th – 25th rank will be on 1 Point
And each Elimination will be on 1 Point

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