Erin Caffey Wiki What did Erin do?

This Erin Caffey Wiki post shares details about a terrible crime committed by a teenager girl. Read on to find out what drove her to do this.

Did Erin murder most of her family? Her father survived death. These are just a few of many queries that you may have seen recently being shared on social media by people from the United States and other countries.

Despite nearly being killed, Erin Caffey’s father still visits his daughter in prison. Let’s now examine the Erin Caffey Wiki and learn more about the incident.

What did Erin do?

One lady who plotted the murder of several of her family members has confessed to making “poor choices.” Erin Caffey’s devious actions resulted in Erin Caffey’s murder of her mother, two brothers, and an attack on her father’s life.

She claims that Charlie Wilkinson (18, her boyfriend) and Charles Waid (20, her friend), convinced her to murder her family members when she was 16 because she was told that she couldn’t see her boyfriend anymore.

What happened to the family members who were killed?

Bobbi Johnson and Wilkinson were all 18 years old when they entered Erin’s Texas home, Emory. Erin, however, remained outside. While stabbing Erin’s mom, they brutally attacked her family members. Tyler (8) and Matthew (13) were also stabbed.

Terry, Terry’s father, was multiplely wounded in that Crime. He was able to get out of the house before the assailants set it ablaze.

Who was behind the Caffey crime?

Johnson, Waid and Wilkinson admitted to authorities that Erin had planned it. The four teenagers were taken into custody immediately. Erin was upset that her parents wanted to stop her from seeing her lover.

Was Erin’s statement regarding the criminal attack true?

According to Erin, the incidents were caused by “poor choices.” Piers Morgan heard Erin describe being astonished, furious and heartbroken that Wilkinson was the man she was supposed spend the rest of her life with. Wilkinson loved her and planned to marry her.

In a discussion about the film Story (Killer Women), she discusses her intentions. It was all ridiculous, she realizes. She wondered what the end result was. They weren’t starving her to death or beating her. She was willing to do it.

Erin Caffey Wiki:

Real name: Erin Caffey Father- Terry Mother – Penny Brothers- Mathew – Tyler Boyfriend – Charlie Wilkinson


Recently, Erin, who murdered many of her relatives, was mentioned. Johnson and Erin served at least 40 years of Terry’s sentence. Erin was not executed. He said that he wanted them to have the chance to regret their actions.

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