Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live: Know The Truth Here!

This article contains information about the Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live. It also includes the most recent news.

Did you hear about the Chinese balloon tracker that was spotted over the Pentagon? The internet went wild recently when news broke that a Chinese spy plane had been tracked at the Pentagon. These readers hail from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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What’s up with the Chinese Spy Balloons?

The giant surveillance balloon, first seen in Montana, was found in the United States. It was later claimed to be belonging to China. As the Pentagon searches for answers, the news causes tension between the United States of America and China.

Chinese Balloon Reddit

The news went viral and readers could find links to the articles on various social media platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. Everyone wants to know what the United States and their defense team will do next regarding this situation.

China isn’t the first country to use the surveillance balloon. China previously used the surveillance balloon to penetrate sensitive US military facilities. However, the plan was foiled when a Pentagon senior official noticed everything and alerted the officials.

What is the view of the Chinese minister?

The Chinese spy balloon pictures were published on various platforms. China’s foreign minister acknowledged that the balloon belonged in China, but it was not a spy balloon.

Interviews with the minister revealed that the balloon was a civilian research balloon and did not cause any harm. According to reports, the US defense team was prepared to shoot the balloon down for security reasons but stopped in order to conduct further investigation.

The US’s reaction to the balloon

The US launched F-22 to eliminate the threat and take down the balloon that was seen in the sky. The agency inspected the Chinese Spy Balloon Path, and took the appropriate action. 8. Chinese spy balloon tracker. The US president Joe Biden was kept informed about the situation constantly and was a part of any discussion regarding the spy balloon.

What was it that led to the Chinese Spy Balloon’s path?

It was seen in Montreal and is expected to leave the east coast of the United States on Saturday morning. This assumption is supported by the NOAA weather model.

The balloon is currently moving towards Kentucky, according to its latest trajectory. Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live has determined that the balloon will eventually reach the east coach, passing the sea in southeast Carolina.

If we receive more information about the Chinese spy balloon, we will update the article to inform our readers.


The balloon is currently in the US and will pass over the territory Saturday evening. Let’s now see how China and the US will react to this situation.

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