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Are you curious about the Rugby player? Do you want to find out what happened to the rugby player? You should read this article until the end if you are. People are talking about the video of a Rugby player that has gone viral in the United Kingdom.

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What happened to the Rugby Player?

Joe Westerman, a Rugby player, was in serious trouble after he posted a viral video. Joe was caught in an inappropriate act with a woman in that video. This viral video was shared across many social media platforms. The video revealed that Westerman had committed an offense with a woman. It went viral. Castleford Tigers football team also fined him. This video went viral on Reddit, as well as other platforms.

Joe Westerman with His Wife

After watching the video, Joe Westerman’s wife was devastated. According to her, she hasn’t spoken to Joe in a while and is concerned about their three children. According to sources, she was upset by the incident and her inconsiderate behavior towards Joe caused great trouble for his family. Lauren, Lauren’s wife, stated that she was shocked to see the video and lost her words. She clarified that the woman in the video was not her. It was another person. She said that she and her husband have two children, one of which is fifteen years old.

Who made the viral video on Tiktok

The identity of the person who posted the video to social media platforms is unknown. It spread quickly to other social media platforms once it was viralized on one platform. Westerman apologized to his children and wife. He said that he regrets his actions. He also apologized to his sponsors, supporters and staff as well as the directors of Castleford Tigers. He regretted his decision to drink liquor. He did not realize the consequences of such an action. He regrets his actions and apologizes to all those directly or indirectly affected. The video went viral on Instagram as well.

Joe Fined

Castleford club fined Joe Castleford club also launched an investigation into the video leak. Joe was also instructed by the club to inform young adults about the dangers of alcohol. He was also instructed to warn them about the dangers of social media. The people also heard his apologies. His troubles showed that he was going through a difficult time in his life. He was held responsible for the imposition of the fine. The Youtube video link went viral on many social media platforms.

The Career of Joe Westerman

Westerman hails originally from Pontefract, West Yorkshire. In 2007, he graduated from Featherstone Lions Youth. He then began his professional career with Castleford Tiger Club, where he stayed for three years. In 2011, he transferred to Hull FC. He signed a three year contract with Warrington. In 2017, he also briefly worked with the Toronto Wolfpack. In 2022, he signed a contract for two years with Castleford Tigers.

His video quickly spread to all platforms because he was such a well-known player.


Joe is a well-known player and many people expect him honesty. His recent video left everyone shocked and disappointed. For more information, please click the link

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