Brian White Murder Suicide: Get Complete Details!

This post about Brian White Murder Suicide will help to recall the 11-year-old murder and suicide events.

Are you aware about the Livonia suicide and murder case? Every social media platform is now informing its users about Brian White. The incident caught everyone’s attention in the United States. Today, we’ll tell you all about Brian White Murder Suicide. This website has all the details you need to learn about this case. Please read.

Murder-Suicide Case: Brian Douglas White

According to online sources, the victim was a 19-year old teen who killed his mother and ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. The teen also injured the girl and then shot himself. The girl managed to escape the house and call the police. Three bodies were found by the cops when they arrived at the scene. According to some sources, Brian had posted disturbing messages on his Facebook account about the murder.

Brian White Obituary

According to online sources, Brian White was just 19 when he shot and killed two people. It took place on April 4, 2012. Although he may have been a deary person to his loved ones, his family didn’t share any of his obituary. He was responsible for the deaths of two innocent victims. Many people recall this event even after 11 years. They are now searching for Brian’s obituary. It is not available online. It will be updated as soon as it becomes available online. More updates can be found on this 11-year-old case.

Brian White Suicide!

Online sources claim that Brian White was in a relationship with Desiree Staperfine, who was 17 in 2012. Desiree Staperfine split with Brian because he used to control him. Brian posted some heartbreaking posts to his Facebook page. Brian broke into the home of Angela Kim Staperfene (46 year old), his ex-girlfriend, and killed Jacob Lee Burns (19 year), Desiree Staperfine’s new boyfriend. Desiree Staperfine was then injured by him, but she managed escape the house. Then he shot himself. Desiree told the cops about Brian White Murder Suicide and they arrived at the crime scene.

Desiree shared with them the story of her mother’s and boyfriend’s murders. When police arrived at their home, they discovered three bodies and Brian had also committed suicide.


This concludes our post on Brian White’s murder and suicide. The shocking double murder case was shocking to everyone.

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