Best Crypto Wallet 2022

Topic: “Best Crypto Wallet 2022

Despite significant failures, cryptocurrency has continued to be a hugely well-liked new financial asset for traders. 

In fact, there are currently 295 million cryptocurrency consumers globally. 20% of them are based in the United States, and more than 20,000 cryptocurrency initiatives are active at the time of the last estimate.

You must sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange if you want to purchase cryptocurrency. There are almost 500 options available, and some of the top crypto exchanges for both novice and seasoned investors are below:



An open-source bitcoin-only trade wallet that can work with hardware wallets is Electrum. The Bitcoin Lightning Network allows multi-factor verification and nearly immediate payments. Although there may be a slightly long process for new users due to the UI, and there isn’t much customer assistance available, Electrum has existed for more than ten years, making it a recognized organization. The wallet is open, with a 0.2 millibitcoin standard exchange cost (one-thousandth of a Bitcoin). Because trading fees are speed-based, activities will be completed more quickly as you spend more on expenses.


You may swap Ether, Bitcoin, and Binance Coin with the ZenGo wallet, and you can use Apple Pay or a bank card to buy transactions. Relying on 3FA, encryption is quite good, and face scans and cryptography are used to safeguard your account instead of secret keys or seed phrases.

The platform’s customer support is renowned, making it another excellent option for newbies. Although ZenGo is accessible in more than 185 nations, it’s important to note that not all functions are offered everywhere. Both wallet and cryptocurrency-related transactions are cost-free. 


The Binance Wallet is linked to the Binance Blockchain and the native cryptocurrency of Binance, BNB, ranked among the best 5 cryptocurrencies worldwide. The software allows over 1,500 worldwide cryptocurrencies, 65 of which are accessible to U.S. investors, and employs multi-factor verification. One possible downside is that neither accessibility nor quality of customer assistance is outstanding.

Although their website notes that trading fees are decided based on your trading activity over a predefined timeframe (in USD) and your everyday BNB balance, the wallet is complimentary. Still, trading fees for buying or selling cryptocurrency are 0.10% and 0.5%. Trading fees will be discounted by 25% for BNB members. The value of using a debit card is 4.5%.


The Mycelium wallet is a Bitcoin-only wallet suitable for novice and experienced users. It is one of the first cryptocurrency wallets and dates back to 2008. Pairings with physical wallets are possible. Private keys are entirely within the control of the individual and can be kept on a USB drive or a Mycelium Entropy Memory stick.

Although the wallet is free, the trading fees can range from $0.25 to $8.00—which is rather hefty.

Ledger Nano S

The beginning cryptocurrency wallet is the Ledger Nano S. It works well as a backup bitcoin wallet for amateur cryptocurrency traders. More than 100 coins and more than 1,000 tokens are supported. Private keys cannot be viewed online and are never taken from the device. The item is accessible via a micro-USB-B cord without Bluetooth connectivity.

Since the Nano S only allows a limited number of applications to be loaded at once, it could be essential to uninstall one before installing another because different cryptocurrencies require corresponding apps to be loaded.

The Ledger Nano S features a non-replaceable battery with a five-year lifetime, meaning it has a shorter lifespan. However, the wallet can be moved to another device if necessary.

The Ledger Live app, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS, is required to use any of the Ledger cold wallets. Ledger has positive reviews and a higher consumer favorable rating.

There aren’t any wallet charges, and the wallet costs $59. However, network fees exist and can change based on the protocol and the size of the transactions.

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