Balenciaga Scandal and Pictures What is Balenciaga Scandal all about?

We have covered the details of the viral Balenciaga Scandal, Pictures and the public reaction to it in this post.

Are you aware of the Balenciaga Scandal? It is currently in the spotlight. Want to learn more about this scandalous label? The internet exploded in anger at the news and there was much debate. Balenciaga is well-known in Canada, the United States and other parts of the globe.

We will continue to the blog for more information about the Balenciaga Scandal, Pictures, and the reasons behind the talk of the luxury clothing brand’s ad campaign. Keep checking back for more updates.

What’s the Balenciaga Scanal all about?

Netizens have been discussing the advertisement campaign for the clothing label for the past month. The advertisement campaign has had a strong impact on the business.

This setup includes kink equipment, a bear wrapped in red tape, and so on. It is quite scary and not suitable for children. One of the tape pictures shows the brand name BAAL. This refers to an ancient demon that is known for killing children.

The brand’s new summer 2023 campaign has gained it again public attention. These images were posted as symbolism for Satanism. You can find more information at the links below.

What are the public’s opinions about viral photos?

Many people are against this campaigning and demand that the images be removed immediately due to the use of children.

Some people criticize the label for including adult material with children, which is clearly against the law. Twitter users started a trend with #BurnBalenciaga

What happened to Balenciaga’s clothing label?

This content was published for marketing purposes and has caused huge problems for the brand. The scandal has ruined the company’s reputation.

Celebrities and other well-known people keep a distance. Critics claimed that people will not tolerate child abuse and assault. This is not something to be taken lightly.

What was your label’s action?

The label’s creative chief has released a statement regarding the incident and apologized to the public.

However, there are no updated information available regarding the BAAL claim. He explained that they are working to address the problem and will not repeat the same mistakes in the future.


It is a bad message that such acts are repeated by other sources. We can only hope they don’t happen again. It will take time to repair the damage caused by these activities if they are not stopped.

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