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Did you know that there is a website that will pay you to read books? Do you want to know more about this site? We are happy to tell you about an online platform that offers money for reading books. In India and the United States, it is very popular to get paid to read books.

A lot of people make a living by reviewing books and writing reviews. This article will discuss the detailed reviews and jobs.

Jobs –

Virtually everything is possible in the modern world. We can rely on the virtual world for everything. offers a place where you can review books after you have read them. This is not a free service, but you will be paid if you write a review.

The amount of books you review will determine how much you get paid. If you read more books, you’ll get more money. However, if your book has fewer words, you’ll get less.

You must be analytical and have a good sense of humor. To apply for this job, first you must register on the website. After your application has been accepted, the portal authority will send books to you for review.

Why is famous?

Because it provides honest and straightforward reviews, this portal is well-known to its viewers. The site offers books to reviewers according to their preferred genres. A reviewer who is interested in history might receive books about history for review. While reviewing, reviewers must adhere to the format provided by the company.

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  • Date of registration: The portal was registered on the virtual marketplace on January 6, 1999. This online book review portal has been in operation for 23 years.
  • Expiry Date: Anysubject. Com will expire 6 January 2026. If we take its life span into account, we see that it has 26 years.
  • Trust Score: This platform has received 68% trust ratings. Website Reviews

We are unable to find reviews on external review platforms and the official portal site is not open. We are unable to assess the reactions of viewers to this site.


We can conclude that, although there has not been a review for this portal, there have been positive comments on another portal about it. Anysubject has been in business for nearly two decades and can confirm that the site is legitimate. Jobs are available.

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