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If you want to know about James Taylor, a renowned crypto banker and Fintech specialist, look no further than this article!

Who is James Taylor?

James Taylor, a renowned public speaker on bitcoin, blockchain, entrepreneurship, and management, is an author, businessman, and inspiring motivational speaker. James has spoken in 35 nations over the last 20 years of international travel.

James has given audiences insights on cryptocurrency and strategies for speeding innovation, adjusting to change, and boosting productivity everywhere, from Asia to Europe and the States to the Gulf Region.

Who is James’ Clientele?

He has given highly thought-provoking and engaging keynote addresses to organizations and people from various sectors, including innovation, banking, banking, pharmaceutical drugs, sales, consumer goods, legal system, technical services, construction, medical services, and sole proprietor, among several others.

Apple, Visa, Dell, Tata, Sony, Cisco, Accenture, Roche, IBM, GSK, EY, Intuit, Bell, UPS, Al-Futtaim, Chubb, Hogan Lovells, Honeywell, and McDonald’s are just a few of the Global Top 500 companies that are among his customers. James has additionally given major talks to numerous national administrations.

What is James Taylor Current Role?

Unlike many, Taylor’s move is shocking, even though it’s no longer unusual to witness TradFi giants go to Defi in a late-career shift. On paper, the business specialist had plenty of choices when considering his next professional step. So what precisely drew him to Unizen?

Taylor claims that despite Unizen’s fantastic technology, its staff’s caliber won him over. He says, “Without the need for a question, the team is top-notch in terms of skill; however, what strikes him mainly is the moral principle that he sees adopted by everyone.

That’s a strong endorsement of his prospective firm, which one would anticipate evidently, and yet it’s also an affirmation of where crypto and Defi are destined after that. 

Because it brings together products and services that were previously isolated, Unizen is referred to as a “smart exchange.” The cryptocurrency exchange market has been divided for years; some goods and assets (such as limit orders, cross-chain exchanges, and commodities) are only available on CEXs, while others are only on DEXs (trustless trading, fee sharing, yield farming). New platforms like Unizen combine many of these skills under one umbrella, giving future generations of entrepreneurs access to resources that were out of reach for them in the past.

The business development efforts of James Taylor have made Unizen’s innovative exchange environment a little bit more intelligent.

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