40th Anniversary Snk Collection: Check Game Details!

For more information on the games and their platform, please read the 40th Anniversary Snk Collection article.

Snk video games will keep users entertained with some more new games. Are you aware of the latest games? Are you looking for this information? We have compiled a list of our favorite games.

Players around the world are constantly on their phones or computers searching for information. We have the information you need about the 40 Anniversary Snk Collection. Continue reading to find out more.

What’s the latest on the Snk 40 Anniversary Collection?

Amazon prime plans to extend its free games zone to its users in December 2022, as the year comes to an end. Amazon prime gaming now has ten games in their library. Snk is among the ten games.

The Snk game collection has been around for 40 years. The oldest company has launched some new games in addition to their existing ones. Snk 40 Anniversary Collection Switch now has 24 new games.

What’s Snk’s 40-anniversary collection?

The Snk game platform was created in 1979 and first published in 1990. Digital Eclipse is the first company to develop Snk, a video complication platform. The company offers arcade and console games to players.

Snk games were launched on Nintendo Switch in 2018, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019, respectively, and Steam in 2022. Snk celebrates 40 years of existence with a brand new game collection. There are 24 games available on all platforms, except Xbox One which has 25 games. Crystalis and Baseball Stars are home console versions.

Below is a section that includes Snk 40 Anniversary Collection Games. Below are the names of the 24 games. These are the 11 new games:

Mobile Time Soldiers Fantasy Bermuda Triangle Sasuke Chopper 1 Munch Mobile Time Soldiers Commander Ozma Wars Beast Busters World Wars Paddle Mania A.R. Search and Rescue

We are happy to inform you that the thirteen old games still exist.

Athena Ikari Warriors Crystalis Ikari Warriors I: Victory Road Guerrilla Warriors O.W. Ikari III: Rescue Psycho Soldiers Street Smart Van Guard Prehistoric Island Tank III

You can view the games list to find the game you are most interested in from the 40 Anniversary Snk Collection.

We will guide you through the installation of the Snk 40 Anniversary Collection on Amazon if you want to play on Prime. Follow these steps:

  • Prime Gaming Games offers a free service.
  • Click on “Games” tab to see the complete list.
  • Install the Snk 40 Anniversary Collection to start playing

The game can be installed on any of the platforms listed in the article. We provide 40 Anniversary Snk Collection link information for different platforms.


This article informs you about the Snk 40 Anniversary games list. The game can be played on Amazon Prime or your P.C. also. It’s the best way to enjoy old games with newer versions. Click here to purchase the Snk 40 anniversary collection games. Did you find this article useful? Leave a comment below.

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