Truning my life around

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By Jason Fehrenbach

In turning my life around i pretty much want to keep writing this has become interesting and fullfilling i still have some trust ishues so to start with try to find some kina consuling stop drinking dont like meetings much they often get annouing and make me want to drink learn or take some kinda class on stending money more wisely in the past it has become a majior problem try to take some collage courses mostly scinces relly this here was my hardest subject so probely look into some kinda more produtive clases

eat helthere mantain my aperances often i get a little scuffety think and find more fact driven knowldge about the world donate some of my wasted time stopgoing out of my way when i dont have the means of doing stuff for my self work with the crimanal justice system to help others like me return to socity wether there incarcirated or not see i think alot of us could become good produtive members of scocity but were often pushed aside and forgottten about would like to set up some kinda program in the jail and after that will help detrer the crimanil thinking mind set see that is what happense to alot of pepole like me they get caught up in the crimnial thinking its hard to break allaround find one purpuse to start with stick with it stop wasting my time and mind start to use it utilize my steeths acnowledge my weeknesses stop putting thins of till the last minute take the time to listen to others ecnowledge others do have feelings be aware of them dont use them to beat popole down help them become more aware of them but most of all take the time and do somthing that i like to do dont end what im doing and jump whenever someone needs me to stop leaving a situwation suck it up and remeber that tomorrow is still there and not everthing has to be done at onces dont over extend my self take time refelct on how the day went utilizes my mind and thoughts to do good be more open with pepole but most of all reconnetec with jessica mike ethan and the rest of my family i know i got along road  ahead of me but with some more hard work and determanation i think i will manage learn how to keep loving trust and aperciat the oppertunities that are put in front of me admet to my self taht i am a good person and i do have a good hart stop letting pepole beat me down into holes and love myself for who i am relize i cant fix everthing i think thats about it if anyone has any suggestions let me know man i stink i gotta find somewere to was up at theese pepole well a couple more days they might tell me not to come back

Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer