Moms Become Cheerleaders For La Salle High School Football Team In Michigan

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(Courtesy of The Huff Post)

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It’s always been the job of mothers to give that extra boost of encouragement, but now these northern Michigan mothers are cheering on their sons from the sidelines, functioning as the school’s makeshift cheerleading squad.

La Salle High School of St. Ignace, Mich., boasts only about 200 students. So when no one was interested in trying out for cheerleading, the moms took matters into their own hands.

And they’ve had plenty to cheer about. With an undefeated record for the season, La Salle’s football team ventured into the Division 8 state semi-finals on Saturday. Their mothers have been there every stomp, step and toe-touch of the way.

In addition to attending the games, the La Salle mothers organized a pep rally for the whole school, according to Max Preps.

What do the players think of the squad? Watch their reactions in the Up North Live news report above.

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