City advocate named TPE Hero of the Month

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Karen Dumas TPE Hero of the Month December 2013

Karen Dumas TPE Hero of the Month December 2013

Whether fighting for the City of Detroit as a journalist in search of truth, a member of a mayor’s cabinet or the owner of a communications company, Karen Dumas won’t let her city or it’s people fail, and it’s that undying commitment and example that made us choose her as our TPE Hero of the Month for December 2013. 

I love the city and the people, not just because it’s home, but because it and we are truly special. In spite of the vast contributions and assets of this city, I sincerely believe that Detroit has so many more layers, yet to be revealed,” Dumas said. 

Dumas first started attracting readers, listeners and viewers as a radio and television personality and columnist. Her daily midday talk show on WCHB-AM was commonly referred to as “honest and engaging,” and HOUR Detroit recognized Dumas’ radio show as the “more intelligent choice” for listeners.

“Karen is a real Detroiter,” said Trish Brown, Founder of TPE,, and TPE Multimedia.  “She’s there for all the right reasons and to help everyone. She’s not there for any special interest, and that’s one of the reasons she stands out. She won’t let this town or it’s people fail.” 


Karen Dumas is the former Chief of Communications & External Affairs for Mayor Dave Bing and the City of Detroit. She has also served as the Director of Public Information for the City of Highland Park.

Karen Dumas is the former Chief of Communications & External Affairs for Mayor Dave Bing and the City of Detroit. She has also served as the Director of Public Information for the City of Highland Park.

Since 1998, Dumas has run her own successful PR firm, Images & Ideas, Inc. and built a reputation providing perfection as a communications specialist serving large and small clients nationwide in both the private and public sector. Coming highly recommended to the City of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, Dumas served as the Chief of Communications & External Affairs for the mayor and the City of Detroit and ended her weekly column for the Michigan Chronicle.

In addition to her operating her PR firm, you frequently will find Dumas speaking at schools, churches and professional organizations seeking insight into performance based practices, the tools for success, living and treating others with fairness, women’s challenges in the workplace and balancing professional and personal roles. She believes “education is the foundation upon which anything can be built and is the great definer for who and what a person can become. With it, anything is possible; it’s absence sets the tone for a life of struggle and discontent.”

Those who need and can benefit from education most must recognize it and respect its value and the importance and impact it can have upon ones life,” said Dumas.

Dumas is a regular guest contributor for the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News and serves on the Communication Committee for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the Arts League of

Karen Dumas is a regular speaker at various schools, churches and organizations.

Karen Dumas is a regular speaker at various schools, churches and organizations.

Michigan, the Editorial Advisory Board for BLAC Magazine and previously on the PR committee for the NCAA Final Four/Detroit. Her achievements have been recognized by the City of Detroit, State of Michigan and several Who’s Who entities.

A graduate from East Catholic High School, Dumas learned the “importance of community from neighbors” and went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and is the published author of, “In Other Words: A Collection of Thoughts & Columns.”

My late mother was a source of strength and independence. Who I am today is a compilation of family, experiences – good and bad, and everyone and thing I have ever encountered. I am in a constant state of evolution, and continue to grow and develop into a better with with every passing day,” she said.

As residents of Detroit, Dumas and her husband are the proud parents of two college aged children who help her “stay focused and on the cutting edge of everything new.”

Toni Rogers

About Toni Rogers

Toni Rogers was hired to do all the graphic design work for TPE, but it was soon evident she had many talents as an administrator and she was just named General Manager of all TPE entities including TippingPointEducation, and TPEMultiMedia. “As TPE has grown so fast, we realized we needed someone to oversee administrative duties who had a really good organizational mind and was also good with people,” said Trish Brown, president of TPEMultiMedia. “Toni oversaw the skating program at the University of Denver with hundreds involved, and she is extremely gifted in keeping things on track.” A busy mom of two by day, ice skating coach by night and day, Rogers has been in the graphic design and multimedia business for more than 10 years, and has been the art director of TPE MultiMedia since July of 2013. Rogers and husband, Zach, recently moved back to Michigan, after several years in Colorado where she worked at the University of Denver’s Performing Arts Marketing Department and as the director of skating for the university. Prior to leaving MIchigan, she worked for Domino’s Pizza and Barton Malow. She has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University where she was named a Mary Gardner Scholar. While at the University of Denver overseeing the skating program, she increased the enrollment in the Learn to Skate Program, increased the revenue from a $5,000 deficit for the ice show to the ice show making $10,000 in three years. She also quadrupled the size of the skating program that was facilitated at the country club in three years. When not designing for her business and TPE, Rogers can be found chasing her two young children and their new puppy all about town and sometimes even on skates as an instructor for young children learning to ice skate in Farmington Hills and Canton.