Britney Spears, Pauly D Duet May Happen Says ‘Jersey Shore’ Star

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 Courtesy of AOL Music Blog:

Britney Spears must have made quite the impression on ‘Jersey Shore‘s budding musician Pauly D after he joined the Femme Fatale tour earlier this year. Not only is the tanned and toned DJ returning to the tour for its final performance, but he’s also trying to convince Miss Spears to collaborate on his upcoming CD.

“Yeah [Britney and I keep in contact], oh yeah, for sure,” Pauly told MTV News about his new famous friend. When pressed further about a potential duet, he spilled: “She’s busy. She’s really busy and I’d love to link up with her and get her on [my CD] ’cause doing her tour, that was another dream for me, to do an artist’s tour. I’ve been a fan of Britney my whole life, so it’s been great for me.”

Whether or not Brit decides to join Pauly on his new CD remains to be seen, but according to him, she’s always there to support the reality star. Recounting his time spent as Britney’s opening act, Pauly says, “She was happy for me. She was like, ‘Oh you’re going to be fist pumping on the show.’ She gets a kick out of the fist pumping.”

We’ll have to wait until mid-2012 to see if Brit-Brit lands on Pauly’s debut album. He’s just begun working on it after inking a deal with 50 Cent’s G-Note Records.

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