Balare Language Academy, Miami Charter School, Accused Of Throwing Raunchy Parties At Night

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(Courtesy of Huff Post)

Balare Language Academy, Miami Charter School, Accused Of Throwing Raunchy Parties At Night,

The highly rated Balere Language Academy in Miami is the daytime home of students from kindergarten through 8th grade, but the school is now responding to complaints that the same Miami-Dade charter school is hosting parties after hours.

“Raunchy, booze-soaked bashes into the wee hours,” to be more specific, the Miami Herald reports.

Advertisements for the parties print the school’s physical address and boast both sexy and alcoholic images.

The school’s principal denies knowledge of after-hour adult parties. Belare’s attorney Marlon Hill made the same denial to the Associated Press/NBC Miami, noting that the address on the ads were likely printed incorrectly.

“Parents should not worry that anything inappropriately is happening at the school,” Hill told AP/NBC. Still, he says officials will investigate the allegations

Still, parents have complained about finding empty beer bottles on campus as well as smelling lingering smoke. Facebook photos have also surfaced of partyers with alcohol — with the captions noting the school’s location.

When someone Tweeted, “sounds like fun!! Where’s it gonna be?? RT @5MMusicGroup dem boyz got da big reggae party dis weekend @snakeyeyepromo & @HyghLyfeEnt,” Miami entertainment company Hygh Lyfe Entertainment responded, “@MariaLolaMonroy 10875 Quail Roost Dr Miami, FL 33157,” Balere Language Academy’s address. 5MMusicGroup responded to the same inquiry with the same address.

The Herald reports that still, there’s little the school district can do. Although charter schools are publicly funded, they are privately or independently run and can only close if they are struggling financially or are failing in performance, determined by the state Department of Education.


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