A rainy cold night

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By Jason Fehrenbach

I found some stuff to bulid somewhat of a shelter yesterday wasent much just a trap coulp piecs of wire tied around a tree dint relly work out to well there was alot of holes in that old taterd thing drip drip all night got a little wet and cold owell today is anthor day and tonight will be onther night relly dint get much sleep stayed up most of it pondering though my vived imagination thought alot about all the friends i have made and lost over the years and were they have all gone alot wernt worth having some not worth nowing

a fee i left behind to find agin anthour day see when you live your life like i have you meat so many pepole you strat to forget how many were good to you ive had alot lost all of them now still cant undrestand why i couldent have quit drinking sooner see in this problem of mine i have lost everyone of them its said to say i even ended up loosing my to little buddies a girl that housed me feed my goofy but baskicly to care of me at least her and her family i even lost them and yeah they were basicly my everyday life intill this last drinking bing of mine well its been about four months now sense that night i have drank two fortys a half bottle of wine there twenty four oncers and a labates relly im sick of it evrey time that bottl touches my lips or that can it seems to turn into a big mess so now here i am alone agin i think its been about two or three weeks now sences that one can so i am doing pretty good i think its been about forty five or so sences i got drunk hell relly it isent woth it anymore im looking foward though to that ninety day mark hopefully i make it i pretty happy with my self though its a tough road when your on agin of agin alcholic gets tough well at least ihave found in my self to not only like myself but love myself dispite the postion i have placed my self in im pretty happy things arent so bad if you look at the brighter things in life well thanks agin Trish

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