Time Travel…Is it really possible?

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By Glenn Peppers

(“The time is gone. The song is over. Thought I’d something more to say!” Lyrics from the Pink Floyd song, “Time.”)

How many times have any of us ever thought, “If I could go back in time, boy would I’d change this, or that! Or I would easily have done this or that much differently!” Like many of you, I’ve sat and pondered a time or two; just what Time actually is! Well in short, “to me,” Time is a divine quantization system used in this and other mortal existences to measure era’s, growth changes, seasons and to bring along life’s innumerable continuances, in symmetry and in order. This includes the various forms of nature, such as life’s natural selection, which includes extinctions, births, and deaths out of and into this mortal zone.

Time is needed in order to manage simple earth seasons, like our winter, spring, summer and autumn. Time may very well reach out beyond this small spinning blue orb, into the endless celestial heavens that surrounds us; playing a role in the universal calibrations of countless planets, stars and nebulous galaxies; and other unknown items relative to all things animate and inanimate, within the many parallel realms on this side of eternity.

Traversing in and out of our present time realm (I imagine) would or could be achieved possibly byway of what we all know of as a wormhole, a stargate or vortex situation. I think the mind (which is the spirit or soul) has the ability to transport a person in thought, deed and imagination to times past, and possibly even unto the future. Although exclusively personal, this kind of journey into time would obviously be a singular venture; a journey of the mind so to speak. As far as machinery guiding one back and forth through the fabric of time, that in and of itself is another matter.

Quantum Physics may have to be the train conductor for that particular time-trip in order for it to work. Still, I think (on a realistic level) that this mode of time travel (mechanical) would entail venturing well beyond that which we presently call (for lack of a better word), “Human Technology!” Then there is the idea of the spiritual element of time travel. There apparently are beings or life forms outside of this temporary realm we exist in, who appeared to have transcended time as we know it (such as depicted in the Bible; i.e. John’s visitation and messages given him of future events that are to come in the apocalypse; spoken of in the book of Revelations) to be.

Apparently there have been many visitors who have come to various individuals throughout this mortal time zone (past and possibly present) with divine messages, warnings, teachings and prophetic communications that have in essence been proven true, if not but on a general basis, via headlines and news reports. Ezekiel’s Wheel within a Wheel visitation; and the prophecies given him that match our headlines perfectly today instantly comes to mind!

This article is mostly based on my own layman’s research and ideas of what time travel is, and how it could quite possibly be achieved. Gaining that ability to traverse time would no doubt prove to be a huge responsibly! Personally speaking, I feel that given humankind’s irresponsible treatment of the planet he presently inhabits, and given our treatment of humankind itself; coupled with its lack of respect for time as a whole, if there does exists a method of time travel, I imagine it will be reserved for those who are vastly enlightened scientifically, as well as enormously broadminded and awakened spiritually.

Such persons in my minds eye would have to be humble, honest, and loyal (and no I’m not talking about the Boy Scouts). They’ll have to be able to reason on an almost divine universal wave length. This person, (he or she) would have to prove that they unfailingly have an undying and true utmost respect for the boundaries, and privilege of time travel! Even up to, and including respecting and obeying the will of the one who created the tool of time itself; along with all of his other immeasurable laws of Time and Space not even spoken of in our realm of knowledge.

Glenn Peppers

About Glenn Peppers

Glenn Peppers, is an author of a helpful hints book entitled, “The Home Husband Companion.” It is a collection of funny stories and true-life wisdom from a lifetime of experience and southern prudence. I’ve spent 25 years as a Project and Program Assistant within the Traumatically Brain Injured community. My travel experiences, and skills as an artist, writer, and musician and amateur historian has only added to my skills as an author and freelance writer.