Steve Case: Best management advice I ever got

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Steve Case, founder of AOL

Steve Case, founder of AOL

Courtesy of USA Today

Few have experienced the ups and downs of the U.S. corporate world quite like Steve Case.

The Hawaii native helped found and build AOL into a dot-com-era giant and merged it with Time Warner in 2000 to create one of the largest media companies at the time.

After the dot-com bubble burst, he gave up his title as the company’s chairman in 2003 and resigned from the board two years later.

Using his personal fortune, he then started his own private investment firm, Revolution. He now spends much of his time guiding and scouring for promising start-ups, particularly on the East Coast.

Still looking youthful despite graying hair, the 54-year-old sat down with USA TODAY at his office in downtown Washington, D.C., to talk about leadership, management and growing start-ups.

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Case watches technology with interest, as you might expect. Two of his favorite apps: Spotify, for listening to and sharing digital music, and HootSuite, for managing social media, including Twitter.

In this videotaped interview with USA TODAY reporter Roger Yu, Case reveals:

• What he looks for in entrepreneurs seeking his company’s help.

• The best management advice he ever received.

• Why young entrepreneurs need patience.

• How much attention to pay to competitors.

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