Before the Facebook Timeline Switch Happens

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As we mentioned  yesterday, Facebook Timeline is coming whether you like or not. In the next  few weeks, your Facebook profile will be assimilated, giving you seven days to  get your house in order before everyone can browse through your virtual  history.

Earlier, I wrote a full  account of why Timeline is both awesome and a little disturbing, and what  you can do to prepare for it — but in the interest of time, here are some basics  for getting your profile ready for Facebook Timeline.

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1. “Hide from Timeline” Is Your Friend

Get ready to click “Hide from Timeline” a lot. You can find it under the “Edit or Remove” pencil icon that comes up when you hover your mouse over the  top right corner of every Timeline post. Remember, it’s not just embarrassing  photos that Timeline unearths. It’s every inappropriate status update you’ve  ever posted and every asinine message your old college buddies have ever written  on your wall at 3am.

Courtesy of Time Techland:

If you’ve had Facebook for a long time, you’re going to want to spend at  least an hour combing through everything in your virtual past and hiding what  you don’t want seen. You can also remove or hide posts through your “Activity  Log,” which presents everything posted on your profile in a more compact,  easy-to-digest form.

2. Smile! Your Album Covers Are Now Huge

Before, old photo albums hid in an archive — a collection of small thumbnails  that only the most committed Facebook stalker would search through. Now it’s all  front and center on your Timeline. That means that the photo of you drinking a  giant novelty margarita in Las Vegas could now be displayed in unsettling  clarity in one of Timeline’s two giant columns. If you want to keep your photo  albums visible, but just want to switch the cover to something a little less  embarrassing, click “Change Primary Photo” in the “Edit or Remove” menu.

3. The Internet Knows Where You Are

Photos and photo albums can now be tagged with locations, which are then  displayed neatly on a map. That means if your friend geotags your album “Vacation Time,” all of a sudden instead of just photos from a cabin in the  woods, everyone can tell that your August vacation took place near Lake Tahoe.  Now you have to either untag yourself from every geotagged photo or have your  friend manually remove the geotag from every photo you’re in. It’s a total pain.  Welcome to Timeline.

4.Violation of Privacy? There’s an App for That

A lot of the apps out there for Timeline are pretty cool, but a few venture  into TMI territory or, at the very least, turn your profile into a kind of  corporate billboard. Think carefully before you let a third-party app have  permission to automatically add activity to your Timeline. Do you really want  everyone to know where and what you’re eating at all times or what products  you’re buying online?

You can always manage your apps by clicking on “Account Settings” in the very  top right pulldown menu on your profile. Then click “Apps” and you’ll be  presented with a list of all of the apps that have access to your Timeline.  Remove the ones you don’t like or, under “App activity privacy,” change who can  and can’t see the content posted by that app.

Remember, you can always remove any individual embarrassing app revelations  on your Timeline by clicking “Hide from Timeline.”

5. When In Doubt, “View As…”

On your Facebook Timeline, you should see a little gears icon on the far  right. Click on it and then select the “View As…” option. This will let you view  your profile as if you were a stranger or let you pick a specific person to see  how he or she sees your profile. It’s a handy tool to use when trying to  evaluate how well you’ve cleaned up your profile.

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