Apple’s new MacBooks may hit holdup over parts

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The MacBook pro from Apple

Courtesy of Cnet News

Apple is bumping into supply chain issues for its upcoming MacBooks, according to the folks at DigiTimes.

Citing the usual “sources from the upstream supply chain,” DigiTimes says that suppliers don’t have enough workers to handle the stream of orders from Apple for the new MacBooks. As such, some are even outsourcing their orders in order to meet Apple’s demand for components.

Factories in eastern China have already been hit by a shortage of workers, according to Taiwan-based DigiTimes. And even though May and June are traditionally slow times, Apple’s need for components for the upcoming MacBooks has left suppliers in the lurch. Despite the shortage, shipments started last month and are expected to increase in June.

The new MacBooks could debut as early as July, DigiTimes noted. That timeframe ties in with a forecast from Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore, who expects Apple to launch a new Lion-equipped MacBook Air the same month.

Total MacBook shipments could reach anywhere from 16.24 million to 19.2 million this year, a 30 percent to 50 percent jump from last year, say DigiTimes’ sources.

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