Apple announces iBooks Author, a Mac app for authoring iPad books

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Courtesy of next web:


Apple has announced a new feature for Mac owners that want to be able to get their books on the iPad, introducing iBook Author, a tool that will allow authors to create interactive works for publishing on Apple’s new iBooks 2 platform.

With the new app, users will be able to choose from a template to create their books, much like the wizard in Microsoft Word, allowing them to drag and drop elements into the page and position them with ease.

Similar to Keynote and Pages, authors can embed galleries and elements, but also include JavaScript and HTML5 code, providing them with the ability to deliver truly custom content from their computer or even the Web.

The application supports interactive glossaries and also provides a slick iPad preview feature, which can show what the book will look like on Apple’s tablet device without having to publish it or port it across.

Apple’s Phil Schiller notes after the impressive demo on stage:

“In like 5 minutes flat, we created an e-book and deployed it to the iPad. I hope you find that as inspiring and empowering as I do.

So now you’ve seen, anyone can create interactive books. You can start with customizable templates, you can create multitouch widgets, you can extend that experience.”

The app will be made available today, free on the Mac App Store.

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