5 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules

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(By Amy Ewald)

Let me start off by saying I grew up in a different age.  We didn’t have cell phones.  Sure they were around, but only the government or the extremely wealthy owned them.  We had CB’s and or pagers. 10-4  For any younger people reading this, No I’m not 102!  I’m only 41!
Here is a picture of what my first car phone kind of looked like. It was given to me by my uncle who always had the latest and greatest gadgets.  However, it was so expensive I could never afford to go to college AND pay for the monthly phone fees!

My very first activated cell phone looked something like this:

I was the first of my friends to get a cell phone.   I only ever turned it on when I had to make a call because no one ever called me at this number.  It had  maybe 1 hours worth of talk time on the battery.  If I was talking to someone after an hour I either had to hang up or plug it back in and continue talking.
Now we’ve gone from a cell phone being a convenience to a necessity.  We are available 24/7.  That doesn’t mean we HAVE to be.
My friends and I get together occasionally a cell phone will come out to show a picture, or to share something funny we saw on the internet.   I meet many people these days and while I’m trying to talk to them they are either texting someone else, tweeting, 4 Squaring or updating their Facebook status.
So this leads me to my Cell Phone Etiquette list.  My first rule is something I never seem to see mentioned in other articles.  Can I be the only one experiencing this?
1.  NEVER EVER answer or make a phone call in the bathroom, ESPECIALLY a PUBLIC restroom!!!   You can control what you are doing in the bathroom, but in a public restroom, you cannot control other people.   I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard people making calls from a stall…then someone flushes the toilet or even worse “Breaks Wind”.  Not only is it rude and gross to the person listening on the other end, they also now know you are in the bathroom, and that more than likely you probably have gas.  There is nothing so important that it can’t wait until you are done doing your business!
2.  Texting while driving.  It’s against the law here in Michigan!   Not to mention how flipping dangerous it is.
3.  Talking on the phone while driving.  Only okay if you have a Bluetooth headset on or have it built into your car.  If you are lost and need to make a phone call, pull over and do it.
4.  Put your phone on vibrate, silence it or shut it off altogether, when you are at a job interview, in a meeting at work, at a wedding, restaurant, library, church, courthouse, police station, eating a meal with a friend, movie theatre, and DMV (or in Michigan the Secretary of State) I cannot tell you how annoying that half of the room (and there were 80 people in there with me) were talking on the phone.  It got so loud at times you couldn’t hear the clerks calling out the numbers
5.  Texting/Facebook/Tweeting/4Square while you are talking with someone else.  It’s very rude to be carrying on a conversation with someone else who isn’t even there when the person in front of you has made time to spend with you.  They want to talk to YOU, not watch you texting someone else.  It makes them feel unimportant and sends a message to them that you do not care what they have to say.  Is that what you really want?
Do you have any you would add to this list?   Let me know, visit  my site to tell me your additions http://www.sbns.us

About Amy Ewald

Amy Ewald: I have worked in the IT industry for over 12 year. In my free time I have a tech blog, where you can find helpful articles for beginners to advanced users for computers, smart phones, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, and the Amazon Kindle! http://www.sbns.us. I also am a Revision3 Television Street Team Ambassador and an Editor for Girls In Tech-Detroit. Follow me on Twitter: @aimee1002